Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Narration: The devil and his shattered

The devil and his shattered: Hans Christian Anderson (1805 - 1875)

One day a bad elf, worst of all, since it was the devil, was very happy because he had prepared a mirror that had the property that all good, nice and noble reflected therein disappeared, and all the bad, ugly and ignoble distinction increased and better than before.
What evil prank! The most beautiful scenery, when reflected in the mirror, and boiled spinach seemed the nicest people took the appearance of monsters or saw upside down, their faces twisted in such a way that it was impossible to recognize them, and if you had a freckle it grew to cover her mouth, nose and forehead.
- Come devils, look at that funny! -Said the devil.
There was something worse. If you had good thoughts, appeared in the mirror with a devilish grin, and worst of all goblins laughed satisfied with his cunning invention.
Students at his school, because had a teacher, said that the mirror was miraculous, because he could see, they said, how they were actually the world and men.
He was taken by all countries and there was no man who had not been completely disfigured. But the Devils were not satisfied.
- We would like to bring to Heaven to make fun of the angels! -Said their students.
They did, but the more I climbed, the more faces the mirror and did not move, and almost could not sustain. Up and up with his load, moving closer to God and the angels.
The mirror was still moving, stirring with such force that escaped from their hands and fell to the ground and broke into more than one hundred million pieces.
But then things got worse still, because there particles that were the size of a grain of sand and spread throughout the world, and if they fell into someone's eye, were embedded in it and men saw everything warped and only distinguish bad, because the smallest piece retained the power of the whole mirror.
The terrible thing was when a particle was embedded in the heart of a person, because it became a piece of ice. Some spectacle lenses made with pieces that were found but it was awful. The glasses he wore looked all things transformed into sad and unpleasant things and I could not be happier.
The devil  have a great  laugh  see what I had done his disciples.
He laughed so comfortable that your belly fat stirring and never tired of congratulating students.

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