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Medicine: about mammograms 2

Deficiencies of mammograms
Adapting article of PoMindy Tyson McHorse

One of the greatest tragedies of the cancer epidemic is that science and technology give many people false hope. Especially women.
Today's example: Too many women - particularly those who are at high risk of breast cancer - do not realize that mammograms are ineffective.
Yes, some tumors are detected, but more than a third of breast cancers are lost in women with dense breasts. And over 40% of women in the U.S. have dense breasts.
That means that mammography gives women a false comfort that they are free of the disease, when they actually have tumors growing larger every day.
 Technithians simply do not know, because fatty tissue masks the appearance of tumors. Now technology has come up with a new solution - but you will have to overcome some obstacles for the stubbornness of some doctors, if you want to achieve benefit.

Several studies confirm that with increasing density of the tissues, the ability of mammography to detect lesions subsides. A mammogram in a woman with dense breast tissue white areas shows where the tissue is dense.
But the problem is, cancer also is shown as white areas.
Worse, women with dense breast tissue are four to six times more likely to develop breast cancer. So you have a large group of women with the greatest risk for this terrible disease that does not know they are at high risk and have no way to reliably detect tumors.
But there may be a solution on the horizon, at least in terms of early detection. It's called the automated breast ultrasound the breast (ABUS), and seems to be detected 30% more cancers in women with dense breasts who have normal mammograms.
 Better yet, is in the process of becoming a necessary part of the selection process.
A study in the September 2009 Radiology European Commission showed that , with automated whole breast ultrasound detection rate of cancer in women doubles with high risk of breast cancer and dense breasts . Even more amazing is that tripled the rate of detection of cancers smaller than 10 mm. These results provide a rationale for its inclusion in routine widespread screening.
This is important because early detection is still one of the best ways to beat existing cancer. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, early detection means a survival rate of 96%.

How to know if you have dense breasts?
 Breast density has nothing to do with the way the female breast during the examination. It has more to do with having more gland tissue (making drains milk), along with the supporting tissue (called stroma) surrounding the gland.
 Dense breast tissue is hereditary, but it can affect women of all races.
The simple answer to find breast density is this:
  The volume of dense tissue in a woman is taken and divided by the volume of her breasts, and then multiply by 100 for a percentage, so you have the density of the tissues. But women may be able to find its own volume of breast tissue?
Course. But instead, we rely on our medical system, and therein lay the problem. Currently, radiologists and physicians have access to information on the density of the tissue, but usually retain that valuable patient information.

Just look at what is happening in California. There is a bill pending Senate to require mammogram providers tell them to patients about their breast tissue density when their letters mammogram results are mailed, as many doctors do not share this information.
Also a similar bill was introduced and passed in both the State Assembly and Senate, but was vetoed by a governor who echoed the concerns of the California Medical Association. Subjectively thought thought let women know about their dense breast tissue that would put them at greater risk and who could benefit from additional screening - . “Unnecessary anxiety " would cause the woman a
Thank God, at least, to advocate as a survivor of breast Amy Colton California, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in advanced stage cancer. She had three invasive tumors that the treating physician believes had probably been there for seven years.
During those seven years she had been getting "normal" mammogram results.
        I.            Colton testified that both your doctor and radiologist knew she had dense breast tissue, but never said it's in a higher risk, so they never hit upon to seek other alternatives given the "negative" results.
Colton has already been sixteen rounds of chemotherapy, five surgeries and six weeks of daily radiation, all because their regular mammograms given a false sense of security.

    That's one of the reasons why automated breast ultrasound is so important.
Not only is it better for detecting malignant tumors in dense breast tissue, and also about to be approved as a screening tool for regulating cancer.
 Thus, women with dense breasts may be examined in advance instead of waiting to be informed that they have dense tissue and then wait for additional projections.

We've been waiting for this for a long time. Ultrasound technology automated breast was first licensed for diagnostic use in 2005.
 In October 2008, the Food and Drug Administration U.S. approved its use to help diagnose women with suspicious abnormalities to be breast cancer.
But not yet become part of routine screening process.
Fortunately, a group of experts to the FDA recommended that automated ultrasound must be approved for the detection of normal breast cancer in women with dense breasts.
Manufacturing. (The ABUS was created by U- Systems, Inc. and distributed by Siemens . )

The study in the September 2009 European Radiology as mentioned above , whole-breast ultrasound ( ABUS ) found 32 of the 49 cancers in women with dense breasts , while mammography itself found only 19 of the 49 .

You cannot fail to know "a lot” about their own health
    It seems to me that it is the right of a woman to know if she has dense tissue and requires an additional inspection.
It makes no sense that doctors do not tell women about their increased risk.
And if money is the big concern (Is not that always the case ?) , should consider the early detection and treatment can save tens of thousands of dollars in treatment of advanced cancer - not to mention the priority to save the life of a person.

So on the one hand, it is good to know that technology is advancing and improving.
But the fancy technology is meaningless unless it is integrated into routine diagnostic tests for people to get real benefits.

Meanwhile, it is recommended that any women with dense breast tissue should take balanced decisions take reasonable life to avoid the risk of cancer.
  At least - eating healthy foods, limiting alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and not smoking.

And if you are a woman and do not know if your tissue is dense, keep asking until you find someone who is willing to tell the truth about their risk .

In Use already been enacted that the results of breast density should be informed by the patient radiologists.
 I hate to say we have to wait and see what happens so if you are a woman, be sure to ask your doctor about your level of tissue density.

And if you are told you have breast cancer, what then?
 Review the best options for treatment, as we see them.
The Special Report also covers thermo graphic , a screening test for breast cancer that we believe is far superior to mammography.
 Mammography - besides being inaccurate - actually causes cancer with its massive annual radiation dose, and if you have it in the beginning, can complicate their status, because the current technique, drastically press breasts and can negatively contribute to dissemination.

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Medicine: a bout mammograms 1

Something about mammograms: the breast cancer

Experiences by way of warning or advice:

We received the news that my wife was suffering from breast cancer after only 10months she detects itself. Towards just 11 months the doctor had ordered a screening mammogram because of some complaints in the area of his right breast. After auscultation, the doctor diagnosed the trouble as an intercostals muscle pain. Then come the negative mammogram results, which gave us false hope.
We face this disease review completely uninformed disillusioned with annoyance, medical incompetence continue to rely on the techniques of mammography, as one of the preventive measures despite its shortcomings. These notes will alert readers to avoid the mistake made by us. Now provides some general information, to stimulate you to find out more about these medical issues for the benefit of a better prevention of breast cancer.


Breast or breasts are composed of fat, connective tissue and glandular.
 In this tissue a
Something about mammograms : the breast cancer
Experiences by way of warning or advice
We received the news that my wife was suffering from breast cancer after only 10months she detects itself . Towards just 11 months the doctor had ordered a screening mammogram because of some complaints in the area of his right breast. After auscultation; the doctor diagnosed the trouble as an intercostals muscle pain. Then comes the negative mammogram results, which gave us false hope.
We face this review completely uninformed diseases, disillusioned with annoyance, medical incompetence continue to rely on the techniques of mammography, as one of the preventive measures despite its shortcomings. These notes will alert readers to avoid the mistake made by us. Now provides some general information, to stimulate you to find out more about these medical issues for the benefit of a better prevention of breast cancer.
Breast or breasts are composed of fat, connective tissue and glandular.
 In this tissue is the milk -producing glands which are born 15 to 20 milk ducts to transport milk to the nipple surrounded by the areola. These lobules and ducts are located in the stoma, adipose tissue, which are also the blood vessels and lymphatics. The breast tissues are connected also with a group of lymph nodes located in the armpit. These nodes are key to the diagnosis of breast cancer, since cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system. When speaking of sentinel node refers precisely to the place nearest to where the cancer is located node.
l Breast cancer affects one in eight women during their lives . Breast cancer kills more women in the United States than any cancer except lung cancer. No one knows why some women get breast cancer, but there are some risk factors. Factors that cannot be changed include:
• Age: the odds of having breast cancer increases as a woman ages
• Genes: there are two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2 , which increases the risk greatly. Women who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer should be performed periodical tests
• Personal factors: first period before age 12 or menopause after age 55
Other risk factors include overweight, hormone replacement therapy (also called hormone therapy for menopause), use of birth control pills, drinking alcohol, not having children or having your first child after age 35 or having dense breasts.
Symptoms of breast cancer may include the presence of a mass in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or nipple discharge. Self-examination and mammography can help diagnose breast cancer early when it is most treatable. Treatment may consist of radiation, lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy
Mammograms performed started in the early 60s and quickly became what today are the primary method of early detection of breast cancer.
Before mammography, breast cancer was invariably discovered by the woman herself or her physician; then it was a large tumor mass that had grown unnoticed for months or years.
Mammography changed everything, the tumors began to discover more and smaller and therefore the ability to control breast cancer was becoming increasing.
The pioneering studies comparing the fate of women who are practicing them found a tumor after mammography, with those to whom their doctors were trusted them more tumors -not - showing made
​​clear that the risk of dying from breast cancer was up to 30 % lower in the first.
Subsequently, other studies around the world came to the same conclusions, so mammography became the most important in the detection of breast cancer examination.
But now in recent years are finding some limitations in the use of mammography, including who has not brought to light as early changes in the breast, such as ductal carcinoma in situ, for example, or DCIS for its acronym in English (ductal carcinoma in situ) of the doubt that even that is a true cancer.
What happens is that advancing technology image of a mammogram , the detail has become thinner and can be found as early changes in tissues that do a biopsy, are previously unseen injuries; It is as if we were across the border between what is cancer and what is not .
Unfortunately, mammography detected cancer in certain cases and
in 40 % of women mammography cannot detect breast cancer.

For years we have learned to rely on this test to detect breast cancer.
 From the age of 40, women begin getting mammograms once a year, and if the results are negative, stay calm. However, the latest controversy about mammography reveals that this test is not always efficient to detect cancer.
Often a mammogram cannot detect cancer in women who have dense breast tissue.
 Dense breast tissue appears as a white spot on a mammogram. Cancerous tumors can hide these white spots and go unnoticed.
This is a serious problem that affects almost all women. According to statistics, two thirds of women before menopause and a quarter of women after menopause have dense breast tissue.
A woman has a dense tissue in your breasts is most at risk of 4-6 times higher for breast cancer.
This means that many women can get breast cancer, and not know, even though a mammogram every year. What is the alternative for these women?
Behold the dispute, as it reveals an article published in the Wall Street Journal.
Women who have dense breast tissue need further tests such as an ultrasound or an MRI to detect if they have cancer.
The problem is that these tests are still recommended as routine tests.
In most states in the United States radiologists and doctors are not required to inform a woman that her breast tissue is very dense and a mammogram can give you a false result.
Only four states - Connecticut, New York, Texas and Virginia, radiologists are required by law to provide this information.
Many experts and activists believe there is enough evidence for the inefficiency of mammography in dense breast tissue, and that other tests should be adopted as routine tests. However, some government officials, health insurance and the American College Radiology believe there is still not enough evidence to make this change. They think that the costs would be too high.
We really cannot wait for the experts and authorities to agree to take care of the health of millions of women. The first thing you should do is find out if you have a very dense tissue in the breast. This information appears on the mammogram. Ask your doctor.
If you discover have a very dense breast tissue, then they should consult and discuss the possibility that other testing done. Anyway, you have to be responsible and not let cars our health in the hands of doctors and authorities think properly without seeking other medical opinions.
Do you do a mammogram annually? Are you aware of your results?
Be careful , because we are embedded in a consumer society where scientific research , and not just out of universities and hospitals ; but now the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies, controlling what doctors have to prescribe to their patients. There is a lot of good for improving health in the cancer field.
Unfortunately, this is also the downside, that the requirements of high returns , it appears that some of the pharmaceutical companies , as they are more interested in you to buy their products, which heal .
Furthermore, with regard to cancer cure exists by conventional medicine contempt of natural medicine, which defends and recommends changes of life and an integral power of harmony with the physiological functioning of each individual.

With Affection,

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Narration: My visit to Jerusalem 4

Narration: My visit to Jerusalem 4
Series: My trips back

The days of our stay in Jerusalem for the sake of the holidays was very interesting, not only because of the religious nature of the celebrations, but for the fact of being with the young Jesus steadily; thanks to the order that Joseph had given Jesus, that would be his constant companion until we return home in Nazareth. Joseph in a moment we were apart said to me –Hadid,   already several times we bring Jesus to this celebration to improve the instruction, so he knows this city and festivities, but still do not realize the dangers enclosing the city. The although it is an obedient boy and good conduct, is still inexperienced at the dangers offered by large and populous cities like Jerusalem.
 The company of John also no means security, because although it is somewhat older, in the end both younger’s that require alertness.  He also explained that it may not go back together in the wagon because they had to pick up the other brothers of Jesus; I also said that we have friends to visit. Mary would do the same and traveling in a group with my other children and relatives. I thanked him for the confidence he had in me, and then he retired. I left happy yet worried and waiting for the responsibility that I had in front of me.
Find a place to eat something, to meet with the two young men. Meanwhile, sitting in the inn I saw people walk the streets with their children.
And I got to thinking so focused , that  the attended just stood in front of my surprised that not even not  look at him , let him  less answer that is what I wanted to eat .
My intrigue, to call it somehow was this: Did Jesus to human error that even by age were identified and corrected by their parents. But I found it very difficult to understand me to try to unite holiness with failures and human errors. Know that the Bible confirmed me that Jesus is 100 % man and 100% God.
 This truth does not rid my mind, but I did scare me a little task that Joseph had given me earlier. Also, I had read some reviews that wrong had been released after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that He was empowered by the Holy Spirit after his baptism just before embarking on this extraordinary journey to the past. That meant the young Jesus who I’ll" take care " was more just a Jewish boy ; As opposed to what the Bible said . Order my thoughts, I forget that ridiculous idea, and I resolved to fulfill the task entrusted to me Joseph.
Please also had my knowledge of the gospel of Luke, which most programs celebrating Christmas use it, the meticulous attention to the facts of the birth of Jesus. And only Luke lets us take a brief look at the early years of the life of Jesus. For this reason, many scholars believe that Luke must have interviewed Mary the mother of Jesus, during his investigation of the childhood of Him.  Anyway, what I am sure is that Scripture is the Holy Spirit who inspired the writers of the OT; and helped the NT writers to report what they had seen as eyewitnesses to the events of Jesus' life.
Finish eating and went to Elizabeth’s house where we were staying.
They were already waiting for me ready for another day of celebration. Joseph was meeting with another group of men on the outskirts of the city ; and both Mary and Elizabeth were part another group of women who had other tasks as caring for children , cooking, going to the temple , help in collecting seeds and bitter herbs, and many other characteristics of their tasks as women’s.
I would go with the boys to the synagogue and then would go out to the field to help harvest the fruits of the fields. I noticed that most events are preferred separate women. After completing the ceremonies came home and ate dinner as a family. You were on the fifth day of the feast of the Passover, and John, Jesus and I headed to the main synagogue in Jerusalem.

Synagogues are shaped buildings, usually rectangular and oriented to the Temple in Jerusalem. Its walls are lined with white tiles. In some, the entrance hall has a stack for ritual purification by water and its sides there are small buildings for schools and hostels for pilgrims. Inside the synagogue is a small chapel where is a cabinet or ark where the scrolls of the sacred scriptures are kept; There is also a removable fixed pulpit from which a reader reads and some benches that occupy the rest of the synagogue. The ruler of the synagogue is a file type selected from the Jewish elders of the village. Its mission is to keep the objects of worship and maintain the order of the meetings. Under his orders is another person who helps him in his duties.
Meetings of the synagogue every Saturday compulsorily celebrating Jewish holidays and morning and afternoon. The other day attendance is voluntary. They read the Scriptures the traditions are remembered, recited prayers, the national unity of the Jewish people is strengthened promoting religious nationalism and ending with the priestly blessing contained in the book of Numbers. Torah. The Holy Scriptures, but are written in Hebrew, there are many translations in Aramaic called " TargunĂ­n " ( which they were in Galilee Jesus would later use as the common and popular language of the Galilean people ) .
I , having entered the synagogue and absorb the atmosphere of reverence and worship Jahue remembered what the Gospels show that Jesus enters the synagogue : "He came to Nazareth, where he had been brought and on the Sabbath he entered the synagogue, as his custom was , and stood up to read . And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah; and when he had opened the book and found the place where it was written: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind ; To set at liberty those who are oppressed ;
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord . And he closed the book, gave it back to the attendant and sat down; and the eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him. And he began to say, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. “(Luke 4:16-21).
John had already reached the age to be an active part of Jewish society.
John came home and went to meet his parents, and from this day the young Jesus would be in my custody as ordered me Joseph. The first thing I did was look for accommodation for both of us , considering that Joseph and Mary taking advantage of their stay in the city had gone to visit relatives and friends . We had lunch at the inn and headed to the Temple in Jerusalem.
No doubt, the greatest work of the monarch Herod was rebuilding the temple of Jerusalem. The original what King Solomon had erected in accordance with the plans that his father David had received divine inspiration (1 Kings 6:1, 1 Chronicles 28:11, 12). Four hundred and twenty years later, that center of worship was destroyed by the Babylonians, nine decades later, the Jewish governor had Sorozábal replaced by more modest. The Temple of Jerusalem is for the Jews of Palestine the holy place of worship Yahweh. Throughout the history of the people of Israel there were three temples.
 The first was built by King Solomon, consisted of several courts and a sanctuary and was attached to the royal palace, but was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. The second was built by the Jews on their return from captivity in Babylon on the ruins of the first, but more modest proportions. The third was completely built by King Herod the Great in whole new way , following the footsteps of the first, but with greater height and with wider concourses and will be destroyed by the emperors Vespasian and Titus in AD 70 .
The third is that we are now, and in all revolved around the Temple religious discussions of Jewish schools, Jewish Mosaic and traditional teachings , trial on criminal and civil cases and all religious , administrative and commercial activity Jewish .
(I remembered that in late March or early April, AD 29, Jesus traveled to Jerusalem for Passover. Found on Temple sold oxen , sheep , doves and changers of money sitting in business and commercial transactions , whose work is not appropriate for a place of worship and prayer to Yahweh This deeply hurt its spiritual religious feelings . then makes a whip of cords , and cast all out of the temple with their animals and pours the changers' money , and told them that sold doves , "My house is a house of prayer and you have made it a den of robbers " ( Lk. 19:45 ) .
 Some Jews, who witnessed these acts of Jesus, asked: "What sign or give us reason for doing this "? He answered, "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it."
They will answer: “Forty-six years its construction took, and what you will raise it up in three days?” But Jesus spoke of the temple of his body “(John 2, 18-21).
Returning to the temple : the outside is coated on all sides by thick plates of gold and so they were leaving the first rays of the sun, producing a very bright flash and who strive to look forced to turn their eyes , as if they were sun. From afar, foreigners who came seemed that there was a snowy hill, and the marble is white in areas that were not covered with gold.
The interior of the church looked just extraordinary, finest decorated its walls; art ornaments of gold, silver and copper were very beautiful. Artistic depictions, no images were of high artistic quality. The truth for me as avid traveler by trade caravans of Patros, this temple was the best I knew.
There was silence in the temple , I sat there on a bench at the request of Jesus, and he went alone to meet the priests and teachers because he wanted to take the opportunity to talk with them ; as was the custom at this event . Young people over 14 years were invited to talk about Yahweh. I from my site, I could clearly hear Jesus and the teachers of the Law which talked, thanks to the acoustics of the room. I remember seeing the young Jesus as he sat fearless, very confident, but with respect, among the elderly; and after telling them that lived in Nazareth. He paused and formulate them their first question:
We all know that in our book of the law , says Yahweh : raise up a prophet from among their brothers , like you ; I will put my words in his mouth , and he will tell them everything I command him.
And the prophet Isaiah said unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and over his kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever.
The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

And Micah prophesied: But thou, Bethlehem Ephrata, though thou are little among the thousands of Judah, out of you will come for me to be ruler in Israel; who’s goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.
Furthermore, we cannot ignore that a few years ago , King Herod summoned the scribes of the people asking where was born the Christ, because wise men asked nearby people to Herod, Where is the king of the Jews has born ? For we saw his star in the east, and are come to worship him. It seems that King Herod believed this, and for fear of losing his kingdom command kill all children under two years who were in Bethlehem and the surrounding area.
My question is this: Is it possible that King Herod has also killed the Messiah we all hope for so long?
I already start to hear the reading of the argument of the young Jesus was sweating cold and could not stop moving my fingers on both hands how nervous I was for such a question. The truth was very uneasy knowing the strict behavior of teachers of the Law
The five elders were silent and looked at each other surprised at the question of the young Jesus. After the dialogue is, one of them took the floor and replied thus:
We were surprised your question which shows your dedication to Torah study Scripture. Your knowledge of the prophets is large, and the reference beam to the crime of Herod is very true. I cannot guarantee you that Herod to kill those children could also kill the Messiah; although Yahweh may well protect can also raise another man in his replacement.

But, as you well know, the ideas of the Messiah and Messianic Jews are originally.
The notion of the Messiah of Judaism originated with the Pharisees and is returned in the writings of Maimonides, whose beliefs about the Messiah are expressed in his Mishneh Torah.
There it refers to a human leader but not divine, while Jewish king would be closer to God, possibly as in the case of Moses.
You boy advance that belief in a messiah made
​​man, incarnate, has never been part of our Jewish religion. Precursors of this belief Perushim Pharisees were heirs to the Hasidim), who settled as a religious group 200 years ago.
Before terminating the meeting, the elders got up and invited him to come again to discuss with them what Jesus thanked them and promised them that he would return , thanking them for the invitation. As it was still early, I suggested Jesus to take me to the palace of Herod, to which he willingly agreed.

This palace of King Herod the Great had two main wings separated by a square with arcades on both sides. Their names were Caesareum and Agrippeum , to honor two Roman friends of the king. Each wing had banquet rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms for up to hundreds of guests. The truth that this palace was “indescribably wonderful." Around him were trees, with different kinds of trees, canals and lagoons bronze statues source type. The wall to the left is the main surrounding Jerusalem.
On the side of the city, the castle is protected by a particular wall with three towers.

We headed to the inn for dinner and sleep and be well rested for the next day would be quite active. Planned to visit the Fortress Antonia , the Pretorius , and attend the temple again , where the young Jesus had been invited to talk to the scholars of the law then we should see the way to meet with the group and return to Nazareth .

We arrived first at the Fortress Antonia; Fortress this is a military garrison built by Herod the Great in Jerusalem at the time of the ancient Roman Empire. It was built on the site of the Hasmonean stronghold, and was named in honor of Marcus Anthony, who was a political ally in the ascent to the throne of Herod. The fort was built at the eastern end of the wall of the city (the second wall), and was located in the northeast of the city , near the temple and Pool of Bethesda . The fort was destroyed in 70 AD. C. by Tito 's army during the siege of Jerusalem. Titus captured the fort as a prelude to attack Temple complex . The fort is located in the northwestern corner of the columns surrounding the temple located along the north side of the fence of the Temple. Here the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate took place.
Then we went to visit the Praetorian: The Palace was the best building in Jerusalem after the temple, and, for me, is especially important to be closely related to Jesus. This is undoubtedly praetorian where he was tried and convicted. In the time of Jesus Roman prefects , usually residing in the civil capital of the province , that is, in Caesarea Sea when they came to Jerusalem were staying at the lavish palace of Herod, who thus became " . Pretorius " This word originally the headquarters of the praetor notes or general in the garrison; but later the official residence of the governor was applied
Provincial. The term is used in the Gospels to refer to the residence
Temporary Attorney in Jerusalem during his stay in that city
( The Praetorian Acts. 23:35 refers to the magnificent palace of Herod at Caesarea , which was the official residence of the procurators of Palestine. )

To finish as interesting tour we headed to the Temple in Jerusalem, where the young Jesus had an appointment with the teachers of the Law They were already waiting at the door and see the satisfaction on their faces to see Jesus appear in my company.
We entered and headed to a section of the temple dedicated only for certain occasions to important theological debates. I thought this meeting would be different from the previous day. Inclusive observe three other seniors who were not yesterday.
It seemed to me that they were quite intrigued by extensive knowledge that held the young Jesus. When we arrived at the meeting, this looked very “illustrative " and impressive, with hundreds of carefully arranged manuscripts, maps on the walls. And other items. There was a large round wooden table with comfortable chairs; everything was tastefully arranged with rugs and cushions. This place was a kind of balcony, so people coming to the temple could easily see us, but they were not bothered in the least.
Something happened to me, and strangely felt I should not be there. I said to myself, you do not belong to this group, retreat just you - . Then I motioned Jesus already returned, and left the place and went to another part of the temple, where the distance I could see them.
When ended after almost three hours, I saw that all came with different looks on their faces, and to note the young Jesus with a different countenance who knew him.
I thought it was a little upset. Instead teachers praising Jesus greatly.
I went out the other door with the intention of meeting him. Leaving the temple by the other corner, note that Joseph and Mary had arrived and hugged the boy.
I stood watching them, and I realized that something was   wrong altered gesticulating arms, and I thought I saw Maria touching their eyes. Definitely they were arguing.
 Jesus was out of sorts at  the session, and he looked tired and also somewhat surprised by their behavior at the time. I saw Jesus and he grabbed noted the direction the carts, which would lead them to join the caravan that would take them back to Nazareth.
 For me it was also time to go home.

Sitting in my study reflect this journey to the past to meet the Lord Jesus reckon the last I would, do about join at the time of my Lord;
 And that if I wanted to know more about him, limited to what the Bible tells on their pages.
It's that simple. We understood that it was just what God has deemed it necessary for our knowledge. So John writes that many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written every one,
I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.
 I forays in a stage of infancy of Jesus, no details and have returned full of joy of having gotten into a part of the life of this great man who is for me the most important thing in my life.
I know the episode is narrated, and narrow our human understanding, can generate a series of questions about the reaction of Joseph and Mary to the “alleged" disobedience of the young Jesus; which never was. Rather, I think due to the mind “morbid” of certain writers, who cannot even understand the “spiritual condition of the protagonists of the Bible, wanting to belittle our limited condition spiritually speaking people.
Hopefully you understand what I 'm trying to say, but sometimes even I understand not myself.

With affection,