Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Wealth

Wealth Anonymous)

Once, a father good wealthy family took his son to a trip by the field with the firm purpose of that his son to see how poor were the poor people of the field.
Were for about one days and a night complete in a farm of a peasant family very humble.
As l conclude the trip and back home the father asks his son:
- What do you found the trip?
- Very nice Dad!

- Did you see that so poor may be the people?
- Yes!
- And what about you learned?

- That we have a dog at home, they have four.
We have a pool arriving from an border to half the garden, them have stream that has no end.
We have imported lamps in the courtyard, they have the stars. Our patio arrives until the end of the house, theirs has everything a horizon.
They have time to talk and coexist in family; you and my mom have to work all the time and almost never see.

As l finishes the story, the father stayed silent ... and his son added:
- Thanks Dad by teach me what rich who we can become!!!

Stories: Suspicion

Suspicion: Lie Zi

A man lost his ax, and he suspected his neighbor's son. He watched the boy walk way - just like a thief. He watched the young man's expression - identical to that of a thief. He watched his speech - like that of a thief. In short, all his gestures and actions denounced him guilty of theft.
But later, he found his ax in a valley. And then, when he saw his neighbor's son, all the gestures and actions of the boy seemed very different from a thief.

Stories: Daily confusion

Daily confusion: Franz Kafka

An everyday incident, which is a mix every day. To have to close a deal with B in H. He moved to H for a preliminary interview, gets ten minutes to go and ten to return, and boasts in his house that speed. The next day H again, this time to close the deal.
Since that probably will require many hours, A is very early. Although the circumstances (at least in the view of A) are precisely those of the day before, this time it takes ten hours to reach H. Arrive at sunset, surrendered. We report that B, anxious about his delay has recently left for the people of A and they must have crossed paths. You are advised to wait. A, however, eager for the business, leave immediately and return to his house.
This time, pay more attention, makes the trip at a time. At home we say that B came very early, immediately after the departure of A, and that until he passed the threshold A and wanted to remind the business, but that A responded that he had no time and should leave immediately.
Despite this incomprehensible behavior, B went inside to wait their turn. And I had often wondered if he had not returned yet, but was always waiting in the room of A. Happy to talk to B and explain what happened, A runs upstairs.
Just before reaching stumbles, a tendon is twisted and almost lost consciousness, unable to cry, moaning in the dark, listen to B-perhaps far as, perhaps beside her coming down the stairs angry and you lose forever.

Stories: Instructions to climb a ladder

Instructions to climb a ladder: Julio Cortázar

No longer will often observe that folds down so that one hand up at right angles to the ground plane, and then the next part is placed parallel to this plane, to make way for a new perpendicular conduct is repeated spiral or broken line to highly variable elevations. Bending and placing the left hand on one of the vertical sides and right on the horizontal corresponding momentary possession is a step or rung. Each of these steps, formed as seen by two elements, is situated a little above and below than the previous principle that gives meaning to the stairs, since any other combination may produce forms most beautiful and picturesque, but unable to moved from the ground floor to the first floor.
A stairway ahead, try it backwards or sideways particularly uncomfortable. The natural attitude is standing, arms hanging easily, head up but not so much that the eyes fail to see the steps immediately above you step, and breathe slowly and regularly. To climb a ladder begins by lifting that body part on the right below, usually encased in leather or suede, and exceptions, fits exactly on the step. Start the first step that party, which call for short walk, collected the equivalent of the left (also called walking, but not to be confused with the aforementioned foot), and lifting the foot height, you does continue to put in the second step, which in the foot will rest, and rest on the first foot. (The first steps are always the most difficult to acquire the necessary coordination. Name matching between the foot and the foot makes it difficult to explain. Especially careful not to lift while foot and foot).
Arrived in this way a second step, it suffices to repeat the movements alternately until one reaches the top of the stairs. It comes out of it easily, with a light tap of the heel to fix in place, which will not move until the time of descent.

Stories:Instructions to mourn

Instructions to mourn: Julio Cortázar

Leaving aside the reasons, let us stick to the right way to mourn, meant as a cry not to enter in the scandal or that insults the smile with its parallel and awkward likeness. The average, everyday weeping consists of a general contraction of the face and a spasmodic sound accompanied by tears and snot, the latter at the end, as the cry ends the moment one blows strongly. To mourn, steer the imagination toward yourself, and if this is impossible to have contracted the habit of believing in the external world, think of a duck covered with ants or of those gulfs in the Strait of Magellan in which nobody enters, ever. Coming to the weeping itself, cover the face decorously, using both hands, palms inward. The children will weep with his sleeve against the face, and preferably in a corner of the room. Average duration of crying, three minutes