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Ecology :Animal curiosities

Animal curiosities

1.       Physically impossible for pigs to look at the sky.
2. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants.
3. Sheep do not drink water in motion.
4. The cockroach can live nine days without its head before starving.
5. It is   possible to make a cow up stairs but not the lower .
6. Ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
7. The animal is more sleepy koala sleeps 22 hours a day.
8. Camels endure up to 10 days without water but when there can drink over 106 liters in one sitting.
9. Ants do not sleep.
10. A mosquito can "smell” of his human blood meal from a distance of 50 kilometers.
11. The giraffe is the only mammal that does not have vocal cords, so it is completely silent.
12. The animals differ from man who cannot sleep on your back, man alone.
13. The brain size of a crocodile is equal to the thumb of a person.
14. The sailfish is definitely the fastest fish that swim the seas may reach short distances the speed of 110 Km / h.
15. Rats In Bucharest there are 4 per person, each year 450,000 tons of rice, eaten enough to feed 3 million people.
16. The horse’s lived so far have reached 64 years.
17. The sexual aggression of male bull frog is such that pairs with everything that moves.
18. The strongest material in nature is created web spider.
19. The giraffe sleeps only 7 minutes a day and do it up.
20. The mosquito has 47 teeth; the whale shark has more than 4,500 and has 9,280 catfish.
21. The Hummingbird Heart, like the canary, beats 1,000 times per minute.
22. The owl can turn his head 360 degrees.
23. A cow emitted to the atmosphere 182,500 liters of methane per year (one of the causes Hole Ozone Layer).
. 24 The chimpanzee holds the record of speed in the sexual act between mammals: It consume in just 3 seconds. The mouse needs 5 seconds.
25. The tapeworm is an intestinal parasite that can reach 10 meters in length.
26. The ostrich is the animal’s running speed can reach about 2 feet.
It can reach 67 km / h and you can keep running long distances at that speed.
27. The African elephant is the largest land animal. Need daily to keep more than 200 kilos of food
28. The neck of the giraffe has the same number of bones than ours
29. The leopard is the fastest four legged animal can reach up to 100 Km / h.
The only visible  animal from space  are coral.
31. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue.
32. The “quack “of a duck does echo and nobody knows why.
33. Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump
34. Hedgehogs are all yellow.
35. In a large lake a flock of dragonflies Belgium covering an area of 170 square kilometers was seen.
36. A lion is the animal most sexually active in the world, can copulate with the same female hundred times a day.
37. Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from sandstorms.
38. The Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
39. Estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury their nuts and forget where they hid.
40. The world's smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand, weighing less than a coin than a penny.
41. The tongue of a blue whale weighs as an adult elephant.
42. Every year more people die from bee stings than by those that are killed by sharks.
43. The Australian Koala never drink water, it feeds only on eucalyptus leaves and they get the moisture it needs.
44. The sea fish can suffer from thirst.
45. The whales swim slowly while sleeping.
46. There are fish in the depths that generate their own light.
47. If a jellyfish called “sea wasp " you bites you , you have 45 seconds of life , as it is the most poisonous animal in the world .
48. The mole can dig ground 5 meters per hour.
49. The cicadas. They can be heard 400 meters away.
50. The gadfly Hybomitra hinei wrighti reaches the speed of 145 km / h.
51 . The three-toed sloth moves at a speed of 2.2 meters per hour.
52. Hamster is capable of holding links 65 in an hour (less than 1 per minute)
53. Some centipedes are usually between 15 and 150 pairs of legs.
54. The Asian cobra, Naja naja , kills 15,000 people a year.
55. The Greenland right whale ( Balaena mysticetus ) can live 210 years .
56. The giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands can reach 150 years.
57. The animals predict when there will be a catastrophe.
58. The whale shark has 4,500 teeth.
59. The worm has 10 hearts on the sides of the body.
60. Mosquitoes prefer to bite children than adults and that blond to brown.
61. The Republican weaver bird builds the largest nest of the world, which can be 5 meters wide.
62. The fur of a polar bear is not white, but lacks color. Appears white because it has tiny air bubbles for insulation that scatter light, appearing as white coat.
63. The cats’ whiskers serve for orientation in the dark.
64. A hippopotamus can run faster than a man.
65. The man has 32
​​teeth, the dog 42.
 66. Anaconda 66 is the world's largest snake, measuring up 9mts.
67 . The “song " sung by a whale can last for months. This is a very typical continuous and monotonous sound.
68. The parrots have so much natural intelligence as a three year old.
69. A crocodile can run as fast as a horse.
70. A single scoop of cobra snake venom can kill 165 people.
71. The cats love to jump into the lap of the people that just do not like cats. This is because people hate cats try not to look at them and, thereby, the cat knows that you can bring, because that person will try not to bother him at all.
72. When an ant dies inside a house, your body leaves a scent that attracts other ants in charge of burial.
73. If the flies are heavy early hours of the morning, at noon the next few hours can be strong heat.
74. Approximately 80 % of the creatures of the earth have six legs.
75. The caterpillars have four thousand muscles. Humans have 600.
76. The fly vomits his food and then eats it again.
77. The crickets have white blood.
78. The tarantulas cannot spin webs.
79. The toads have to close their eyes to swallow.
80. The butterfly larva eats 86,000 times its weight.
81. A gossamer is stronger than a steel wire of the same thickness.
82. The stripes of zebras are different in each individual and help them to recognize one another and also to camouflage.
83. The dragonfly lives one day.
84. The bat is the only mammal that flies.
85. The Shark Dwarf does not exceed 25 cm.
86 . The housefly has 4,000 simple eyes.
87. If the tigress not protecting her cubs tiger eats.
88. The Red Kangaroo can leap up to 12 meters.
89. The snail takes an hour to walk two feet.
90. Though the alligator can close its jaws with enough force to break a person’s arm, the muscles that open are so weak that a man can keep his mouth shut adult lizard with only one hand.
91. The smallest fish in the world is 8 mm.
92 . The most goldfish only have three second memory.
93. Chimpanzees are the only animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror.

94. The heartbeat of a hamster can be 250 to 500 per minute.
95. Families in Beijing China have the right to have a single dog home and family.
96. When the British bequeathed to Australia were shocked to see some strange animals that gave incredible jumps . Immediately called a native and tried to ask by signs. Noting that responded KAN_GHU_RU adopted the English word kangaroo. The linguists determined after the meaning of that word was very clear indigenous meant “do not understand “.
97. Starfish have no brains.
98. In the world there are approximately equal numbers of rat’s people.
99. The bees are born with the same size along with your life.
100. The whale shark has over 4,500 teeth.
101. The horns of rhinos are not bone, but are composed of thick hairs densely compressed.
102. The blue whale is probably the largest animal that has existed on Earth, and can reach 30 feet long and weigh 180 tons.
103. The first animal sent into space in 1957, was a homeless dog called Lay. He ended up dying in space.
104. The fastest bird is the peregrine falcon can reach 340 km / h to swoop on its prey.

2.      Ecological Curiosities

1. Plants are the only living things that make their own food.

2.. When bees find food, they return to the hive and communicate it to the other making a series of moves that resemble a dance. The number of ripples to the other tells them what is the distance and the direction in which the food is.
Bees as representatives of a social community possess highly developed media for symbolic transmission. These insects, like humans have five senses and are able to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. They can also store information (memory) and also communicate to their partners. The call bee dance appears to have several properties of human language. Among them the symbolism is presented repeatedly allowing them to generate new messages using these symbols.
 Bees manage and combine two communication codes: three-dimensional out of the hive and two-dimensional within it. However, the dance of the bees and all forms of human communication not studied so far, if they are poor compared to human verbal language.

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