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God terrorism men and System 2

God terrorism men and System 2
“The world is not threatened by the bad people but for those who allow evil”
Albert Einstein.

3. The covenant with Abraham (The land of Palestine would only Isaac)

Abraham also said, Behold, I have given me no offspring, and here is my heir, one born in my house. Then he came word of the Lord to him, saying:
Not your heir [Ismail], but a child of yours will be your heir [he is referring to Isaac].
 And he brought him outside and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to count.
 And he said: So shall thy seed. He believed God, and it was accounted for
Justice. And he said: I am the Lord who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give you this land to inherit (Genesis 15: 3-7).

One of the promises of the Abraham covenant was that God promised to give to the descendants of Isaac [and not the descendants of Ishmael], the land of Canaan as a permanent possession therefore is Biblically legitimate to say that the land of Palestine belongs today for today's children Isaac.
A Ismail God allowed him to occupy other lands (see Genesis 25: 17-18)

Again God said to Abraham: "I will give to you and your descendants after you the land of your sojourning, all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession; and it will be their God (Génesis17: 8).
The Bible is accurate and infallible.
This predicted the origin of the Arab Israeli conflict that exists until today before it happened. Two descendants of one man claiming ownership of the same land. Since then the children of Isaac [Jews] and the sons of Ishmael [the vast majority of Arab Muslims claim they own the land now occupied by the nation of Israel legitimately since 1948.

The violence of Muslim extremists predicted in the book of Genesis when God spoke to Hagar after she fled her pregnancy in the presence of Sarai as follows:

"And when Sarai afflicted her, she ran away. 7 And the angel of the Lord found her by a fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur.
8 And he said, Hagar, Sarai's maid, where did you come from, and where are you going? And she said, I flee from my mistress Sarai. 9 And the angel said Jehovah: Return to thy mistress, and submit yourself under her hand. 10 He also said the angel of the Lord multiply thy seed, which can not be numbered for the multitude. 11 also said the angel of the Lord: Behold, thou art with child, and bear a son, and shall call his name Ishmael, because the Lord hath heard thy affliction. 12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and in front of all his brethren "(Genesis 16: 6-12).
4. The Koran replaces Ishmael for Isaac

How do we know of the descendants of Ishmael came many of these nations
 Muslim Arabs today?

We also know exactly by the geographical location of their descendants.
The Bible says that the last descendants of Ishmael "from Havilah to Shur, which is before Egypt, Assyria coming to, what we now know as the nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and West among others.
Observe something else: "And these are the years of the life of Ishmael hundred and thirty-seven; and he gave up the ghost and died, and were gathered to his people.

And they dwelt from Havilah to Shur, that is before Egypt coming to Assyria; and he died in the presence of all his brethren "(Genesis 25:18)

Historians tell us that the Arabs have regarded Ishmeelas one of its main predecessors.

The Quran to replace Ishmael Isaac as God's chosen child; He is sent as a prophet "Sura 19:54.

Muslims and mention the generation of Ishmael, the son of Abram birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (d 570- 632 BC), the founder of Islam.
 This was born in a place called Mecca in Saudi. They also say that
Muhammad was the first prophet who received the message from Allah through the angel Gabriel to the age of 40. In other words there was before Muhammad Islam or the Koran.
However, terrorism is forms of violence on civilians in order to frighten and to achieve a series of political or ideological objectives.

5. The Koran "The Jihad Guide
(Violent Verses of the Koran

You can access more information I is visiting the Spanish translation, which I do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the translation

Verse 2 "Al Bacra" Chapter 193

Fight them until there is no opposition and worship is due only for Allah.
But if they desist, then he has no hostility except against the unjust. "
We'll see this verse in the following two parts:
Fight them until there is no opposition
The Islamists have always defended this type of messages to say that wars are
Wars to stop the persecution of Muslims and Islam.
But in reality the persecution is not about anything but the Koran commands Muslims to
fight the unbelievers until they submit to Islam or make the
Worship is due only to Allah
The Qur'an has declared that this world is only for Allah and so Muslims must
Make Jihad (Holy war) in the name of Allah until everyone worships only Allah
(No matter whether by force or by the price of blood.
Verse 2 "Al Bacra" Chapter 216

you are required to participate in the war, although I dislike. you may dislike something you love and something that should not suit you. Allah knows, and you do not know

1) this revelation was Muhammad when Muslims of Medina were displayed
Unwilling to assault the caravans of merchants of Mecca, to encourage them to
participate in the slaughter of unbelievers.
This verse commands all Muslims to participate in the war (Jihad) in the name of
Allah against those who refuse to believe, though they like it or not. It is the biggest test
throughout the Islamic world is the mission of jihad, no matter whether publicly or
underground. Through this verse Allah is demanding aggression and plunder.
On the other hand the need glorifies Jihad saying that Allah has forced them to
participate in jihad for Allah knows what is best for good or Muslims.
And as for those who do not obey Allah and not to participate in jihad for Allah, they will be punished.
It is important to note that the timing information that was revealed this
Verse by Muhammad in Medina city, was in no danger either Muslims or
Muhammad. Because Muhammad had already left Mecca where supposedly his life was in
danger. Then this verse reveal so much violence and Jihad was not because of defense,
but by encouraging Muslims to attack Madina caravan dealers
of Mecca and steal. So Muslims cannot defend this verse filled
violence claiming that "it was because of defense."
Verse 2 "Al Bacra" Chapter 218

those who believed in Allah and left their homes, fighting and participating in war
Valiantly by Allah, they can expect the mercy of Allah.
Jihad / War is the important part of the system of Islam that the Koran speaks
it in several places and convinces Muslims who participate in the war in
name of Allah is better than anything.
The more you sacrifice leaving their homes, their families and their congratulations to fight for Allah's way, so get the love and mercy of Allah.
That's why all Islamic terrorists who kill innocent people, think they are
Following the orders of Allah well and that are pleasing to Allah and are securing their place in the
glory. We must bear in mind that the words "fight in the way of Allah" refers not preach religion but relates to kill all who do not believe in Allah, so that this world is only proper worship of Allah.
Verse 2 "Al Bacra" Chapter 244
Spanish translation:
Fight in Allah and know that Allah is Hearing, Knowing!
In this verse the Qur'an strictly commands his believers to participate in the Jihad. Y
He says his sacrifices and acts will be valued by Allah, for Allah knows everything.
Such orders yet offering sweet fruits by Allah to convince them
Muslims who participate in jihad against infidels, leaving their families and sacrificing
their lives is their obligation by way of glory and receive very good reward.
Verse 3 "Al Imran" Chapter 157
And if you are dead or killed on the way of Allah (Jihad), forgiveness and mercy from Allah are
better than what they amass.
This verse glorifying the greatness of being a martyr for jihad for Allah. Those who are
dead or killed in jihad will succeed in all the mercy of Allah means is that your
sanctification, in this world leads them to glory where they will enjoy until there
any purpose.

This message force Muslims to be terrorists and be a martyr to participate in the Jihad.
Since we are daily Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan kill many
innocent people with suicide bombs. In doing so they think they are being martyrs
in the way of Allah and they go directly to glory.
Who is the real offender; those who follow this verse and kill so many people
innocent, or who wrote this verse to fool the Muslims and provoke them to
commit crimes?

Verse 3 "Al Imran" Chapter 158

If you are dead or killed on the way of Allah, ye shall gathered / collected / taken
In front of Allah.
Glorifying the greatness of martyrdom, convincing Muslims that if during the Jihad
be dead or killed in any way came to Allah, it will give them the glory
enjoy forever.

In my village it is called bribe. Convincing people to kill a bribe
glory lie.
Verse 3 "Al Imran" Chapter 169
Spanish translation:
And do not think those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Unlike! Is it so
living and supported with his Allah.
This verse speaks of the martyrs who have died or have been killed during the Jihad.
The Koran but are not living in this world says, but neither are dead. Because they are in the glory of Allah.
Completely absurd. They not bored talking Jihad both die in the way of Allah and to be glorified, and these acts are justified to achieve glory.
Currently when a bomb, suicide Muslims close their eyes and think of that will be in glory, so they are promised the Koran.
Verse 3 "Al Imran" Chapter 195
Spanish translation:
His Lord heard his prayer: "I will not let any of you work is lost,
if it is male or female, who have come from each other. Erase the bad
works of those who emigrated and were driven from their homes, of those who suffered for
My sake of those who fought and were killed, and brought them into Gardens with
rivers flow. Allah rewards "Allah is the best reward.
We gave this verse into 3 parts:
His Lord heard his prayer: "I will not let the work of any of you perish,
the same if it is male or female, who have come from each other. Erased
the evil deeds of those who emigrated and were driven from their homes,
those who suffered because of me, of those who fought and were killed
In the first part of this verse it says that those who suffer, leave their homes, will
and die in the path of jihad for Allah, Allah will have erased their evil works
last. So this verse convinces Muslims, who in the past have not been very radical, to participate in Jihad, have erased their evil past and closer to Allah

Is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the God of the Bible) now and really
it is the same God as the God of Islam and all Muslims?
The answer is no. And that answer is according to the God of Abraham. Because the Arabs hate the Jews, all of Islam is at war with the manifest desire of the God of Abraham.
Muslims cannot legitimately claim to be followers of the God of Abraham while in open rebellion against that same God.
The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and God of Jacob unequivocally insists that all authentic and genuine believers must accept Jesus Christ not only as the Son of God but also as Lord, Savior and High Priest staff.

With affection,
Ruben            December 2015

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