Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letter about translations

I just remember when I started writing the great commandment and the stories and narratives in Spanish, decided translated into English to expand the coverage of potential readers.
The English is my second language, for me and  I use Google’s program for translations.
I mastered perfectly the Spanish for being my native language. I was born in Lima. L Peru and I am an Australian citizen.
Open As noted, the translations suffer from errors, which I think does not distort its true meaning.  Please excuse these unintentional errors, both by ignorance in the English language fluency, and the difficulty that causes me severe dyslexia who suffer due to a diving accident when   was performed as a marine biologist profession many years ago.
I remember do writing a letter about a while to explain the mistakes in the translation of texts.
Still do not have time to check all items and correct them, given the intensity of my writing, but I know it is a task that I must do it sooner or later.
What motivated this letter is a thoughtful person who sent me one of the stories published duly corrected.
This experience motivates this letter of explanation, and also carries the promise to push myself a bit more in the coming translations.

With affection,

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