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Narration: My visit to Nazareth 1

Narration: My visit to Nazareth 1

Series: My trips back: By Ruben Vernal

several months ago   stop writing the series of my trips back due to difficult circumstances.
I had to confront a very pain moments that motivated my focus on writing the great commandment. Now back again with more relieved my mind to the past.
If the case you are not familiar with my travels is given, before continuing priority must clarify something. Along with the powers to go back in time and space, even so I was given the ability to speak the  languages ​​of the people who would alternate and dressed in the fashion of the time, and have them cut hair so to be able to go unnoticed when she had to live with them, and while I would just look at them, just as I would not be free from the diseases and dangers.
What if keep my intellect to understand the components of their civilization and accept their way of life, for they were more different from mine, centuries later.
I was banned via being my and last voyage , to criticize , advise or suggest any form of thought alien to them and that they were not caused by themselves , because the story he is impossible to itself power change the outcome of events.
My desire now on this new journey was to meet at some point with my Lord Jesus. I had planned my trip, and biblical information is paramount to the travel plan and the order of visits.
When Jesus was born Palestine was part of the Roman Empire, but enjoyed great autonomy and had its own king, at that time called Herod the Great whose reign began amid wars and crimes and developed equally bloody (Herod ordered the murder of almost half of his family), but it was a good administrator who left the coffers full and greatly modernized his kingdom with a huge infrastructure plan. That if all bathed in blood.
All Jews professed the same faith, but were divided for many reasons including social, political, religious
He Born in Bethlehem village is located 8 km south of Jerusalem. Joseph and Mary took refuge in Egypt for a few years in the furious persecution of Herod.
Back in Palestine, settled in Galilee.
Jesus also spent his childhood and youth in a mountain village in obscure and despised Nazareth village located northwest of Nain in Galilee.

 Jesus dwell in different places during his ministry, and during the intervals that elapsed between his travels from one place to another, Jesus dwelt in Capernaum, and this town became known as the city, because it could be nice to be the center of his work of preaching, healing and salvation.
 In Bethany Jesus had often found rest in the home of Lazarus because he had no home, it depended on the hospitality of friends and disciples in this household was a sincere , loving welcome and friendship
Then remember that Jesus was born and lived in the area of the Middle East even today called Palestine ( Philistia ) . Since 64. C. , this region was part of the Roman Empire . Historically it has received different names: Judea, Canaan, Israel, Holy Land, etc. . (Although each refers to diffuse geographic realities and not strictly coincident).
Its area is about 30,000 km ² in the shape of a trapezoid whose bases are 40 km in the north end and 140 in the south, with a height of about 250 km. The Mediterranean Sea borders the west and the Jordan Valley to the east. It is of great strategic importance as passage of communications and commerce.
The region is crossed from north to south by a mountain range of low elevation.
The Jordan River runs parallel to the eastern side , with a length of 118 km in straight line from its junction with the last tributary to the Dead Sea line, but with a real journey of 320 km as it descends in a zigzag manner , forming meanders to given from above the appearance of snake. Their presence determines the existence of a fertile plain that contrasts with the rest of the territory.
Jordan means ' coming down ' because it goes from a height of 520 meters at birth to 392 m below sea level when it flows into the Dead Sea.
Palestine was divided into four provinces: Galilee, Samaria, Judea and Perea.
I went to my studio now become my personal airport and began my return to the region of Palestine, and specifically to Nazareth. I decided to go first to this city because the apostle Matthew writes that Joseph and Mary, returning from Egypt and Joseph heard that Archelaus was reigning in Judea in place of his father Herod, he was afraid to go thither: notwithstanding, being warned of God in a dream, went to Galilee, and came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, he shall be called a Nazarene.
Historically To know a person is very important to know the context in which his life has developed. Not the same being born in a country than another, in a culture that in another, in a political situation or another. All these circumstances and better condition us powerfully shape our mind.

Jesus was born and lived as a man among the Jewish people in a specific situation and a very difficult and extremely important mission. He spent most of his life in Nazareth and in a small region called the Eastern Roman Galilee. There will always be something we all desire is fulfilled in our lives before dying, for me has already been able to know God as the Bible teaches. Now I also extend my desire to see Jesus in person in this imaginary journey back.
Some vagary or reflection before returning:
I imagine seeing Joseph as the young suitor who comes to the house of the father of Mary, when they lived in Jerusalem carrying a sum of money and a contract of betrothal, called erusin shitre (drafted by the authorities and paid for by the prospective groom) and a wineskin.
As he entered a house a youth carrying these things already knew what was coming.
Then the claimant argued with the girl 's father and older brothers the price agreed to marry his daughter. Mary agreed then no agreement, Mary and Joseph and the betrothal agreement sealed their drinking from same glass of wine, while a blessing was pronounced. From then until twelve months after the betrothal took place. The start time of betrothal frame with a wedding (or mohar .
Since the beginning of the wedding, the bride was treated as if you were actually married.
The union could not be dissolved except by a legal divorce, breach of fidelity was treated as adultery and ownership of women spent virtually is the husband, unless he expressly renounced it.
It is in these 12 months when the angel appeared to him telling him that Mary will give birth to Jesus. Later Joseph to return to the city of Nazareth discovers that Mary was pregnant, and when he decides not to hurt her quietly according to the law.
Marriages are preferably carried out among young people, it is estimated that both were teenagers. Perhaps greater José with 16 years old and Maria only 15 years.

After Jesus was born, it seems that stayed a little longer living in the town of Bethlehem, both for the recovery of Mary as the newborn.

However, the three escape to Egypt from Herod's siege and live there for at least 5 0 7, years and for the purpose of my trip, I prefer to set the time of my arrival before the end of his 12 years.
I knew the Bible story that when the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, they brought him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord (As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that opens the womb shall consecrated to the Lord,
And to offer a sacrifice according to what is said in the law of the Lord, A pair of turtledoves , or two young pigeons .
 And behold there was a man in Jerusalem named Simeon, and this man was righteous and devout, awaiting the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him . And it had been revealed by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
 And moved by the Spirit he came to the temple. And when the parents brought in the child Jesus to the temple, to do for him after the custom of the law , he took him in his arms , and blessed God , saying : Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, according to your word;
 Because my eyes have seen thy salvation , Which thou hast prepared before the face of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel. And Joseph and his mother marveled at those things which were spoken of him.
And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign which shall be spoken against
( And a sword will pierce through your own soul also) , that are revealed the thoughts of many hearts.
He was also one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel , of the tribe of Asher , very old , and had lived with her husband seven years from her virginity ,
 And she was a widow fourscore and four years, and departed not from the temple, serving night and day with fasting and prayer .
 This , at that very hour she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who looked for redemption in Jerusalem.
Being poor Mary and Joseph did not have money to have a lamb a year for the respective atonement and only takes a turtledove and a young pigeon. The interesting thing is that Jesus was not conceived in sin like the rest of the people, and did not require any forgiveness, but being under the Law, had to fulfill this mandate.
The Bible also tells us that after having complied with all the requirements of the law of the Lord, they returned into Galilee, to their city Nazareth. And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. The next episode is when Jesus is already 12 years old and amazes the doctors of the law his vast knowledge and intelligence.
I was so anxious to get that I was not so sure if I had done the right thing and if I had my backpack on my atlas of the time if he lost me on those roads.
What if I did as was my habit before my travels take me breakfast as if it would be the last and much like the guy who gives us firm in hotels when we go on vacation breakfast.
After resting briefly sitting in my studio, making a bit of time, and as I relaxed before leaving, I came some thoughts related to Jesus and the little that is known of him before adulthood.
I realized that God writes about the time slots in an opposite manner to what we’re used to.
I remembered what he said to as one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day; I also think that told God about Jesus' childhood deems sufficient, but much more important are the years of his adult life, and so we give extensive accounts for the Gospel of Jesus. On balance, this practice has much common sense. A child's life like Jesus transcurred life of any child of Nazareth.
Look Estein life, to appoint a special character. What good practically knows his childhood? His adult life if it was important for the progress of science.
What happens with us is that we are very curious and want to know everything down to the smallest details. We are also alienated by society, but we must recognize that the life of Jesus has nothing to do with the way people live. The despite being God in the flesh, no use at all its attributes, until the time specified in that home ministry.
He was never a kind of Superman, fictional novel which the film entertains us, which will also be a Super Child, amazed people with his feats. I know its silly comparison, but points to remember that God has a reason for not disclosing certain things in the Bible and emphasize on other grounds.
Reach the town of Nazareth in the first century. Note that Nazareth was poor and unknown corner of the land of Israel, never mentioned in the Old Testament. Nazareth, which in Hebrew means “flower " is like a small village in the interior of Galilee in which only about 60 families live. Confirm what it says in the Gospel, which is called Nazareth city, from the Greek " polis ," the Greek people do not "come " , indicating that then you have a certain size, with a few hundred inhabitants.
 Being the people seated on a hill, farmers use as houses caves dug into the hillsides. Poverty is extreme.
"Properties" of those families were no more than a couple of straw mats, some clay pots in which the grain and oil are kept, and some other animal. Nazareth had a reputation for rough and primitive, the opposite of Jerusalem.
 I stay at the house of the rabbi who was in charge of the only synagogue in the village, called Adiv which means friendly. The truth did merit to its name because it gave me room and became my personal guide.
Building his home is made up of two rooms and a courtyard with a cistern carved in stone and where the rainwater is stored. It is the best house in the village. At night , after dinner vegetables cooked in olive oil with bread without yeast ,  I explain him in  that my name is  Hadid , also I was a merchant who worked in Damascus , and was in business trip in a caravan near Jerusalem .
Also told him I was also trying to ride learns about Jewish culture.
After talking in generalities  I said  to Adiv: please , I need you to help me find a  man name  José whose  work as a carpentry. - That will be no problem, because he is a personal friend.  Of mine. If you wish so tomorrow we can go to his home. And I ask for Jesus - . Adiv says, is a good lad adds the guy to meet his 12 years, and helps a lot to Joseph in the carpentry. Mary cuisine and fine stitching. Tomorrow Morning check what I commented  of them.
Before going to bed to sleep I download from the loins of my camel present that led him to Adiv and also wearing to Joseph, Mary and Jesus.
Adiv gaped when he saw my gifts. He had a large Persian carpet several meters , I think it was 2.5 x 5 meters special to decorate the synagogue , and other personal items . Also oils, dried fruits, essences, scrolls brought from Arabia.
Early the next day we went to meet them. I cannot deny that I felt very nervous and anxious.
 We were walking with camel carrying the gifts.
I did nothing but think about the encounter with Jesus knew he was still a boy of 11, but still was very excited to see the Son of God. That such a privilege for me. I made a great effort to control my emotions, because Adiv still did not clear the true personality of Jesus, and I was forbidden to slide any concepts or information not to leave them.
The house of Joseph was only an hour and a half walk from the synagogue, and the devise from afar, and again felt like the heart was ruffled me. Already being very close and really surprised me that their house whiles it was like the other village, you could see that was better built with wooden lintels, with good access doors to the house and workshop
 woodworking. Covering the typical house thatched well groomed. As every house in the place were the back yard for breeding birds and other animals for consumption.
We got home and went out to greet them. I took in my first aid stuff some pills for pain and to calm, which swallow a without noticing.
Stood first after Mary and Joseph finally my Jesus. I would have given anything if I could take a picture and have it in front of me on the desk in my study. Crazy things that come to mind from time to time.
 I saw calmer Adiv is lovingly hugged and greeted José Maria (later I learned that he was also of Bethlehem and perhaps distant relatives).
Adiv Then I stand before them, and gave them my references merchant, and was walking knowing Jewish culture.
Then came what I was expecting , Jose approached me and said Shalom to  me and made me a bow with his head and welcome home, looks  with medium cut hair , tall slender but muscular , due to their work in the fields as journeyman carpenter apart .
Then approached Mary covered her head, neck and shoulders in a white robe embroidered perhaps do by herself, covering her hair she bowed her head by way of respect for your visits. Then Jesus approached the young man to greet and welcome me. I stared , unlike Mary who almost did not see me the way that is customary with dealing with women , and  last Jesus also gave me a very warm welcome, looked me deeply to me and I smiled a smile that seemed to me to have been the most important and charismatic smile , ever received from someone.
I held to embrace.
Then take my animal to the back of the house, and Jesus gave him water. Then we wash our feet to enter the house. Inside the house looked humble but neat; environments had three medium rooms; one was what was the dining room without table or chairs as now used, but several states Rugs looked on the floor by way of table according to the fashion of the time.
 In the background the bedrooms were located. They slept on straw and covered with animal skins and others. In the second room on the left was the kitchen. To cook food Maria available a thick base with adobe clay on the sides, and above them had two crossed metal rods where clay pots are placed. In the space made ​​mud bricks and wood to fire standing.

In the third environment was woodworking. Outdoor patio with water well.
I was in a state of joy such that not remember being like this before, and was eager to give them gifts that had brought them.

Adiv I approached and asked them to tell them to sit on the carpet for a moment to deliver the presents. The notice that talked to him and sat with a puzzled face. Before this I had already downloaded the Camel gifts. I was excited and very happy to be there with them.
I started to give Joseph the things that had brought him a kind of jointer is a type of straightening planer wood that was new in the carpentry in Rome. In addition to a varied set of hammers, chisels and a plumb bob with string useful for their craft. We also submit a goatskin of wine from  Valencia. And a gray sheep wool blanket. And various robes. Let José enjoying their gifts.
Then you give to Mary her presents  : dresses, tunics , large blanket wool, wool, linen , oil of Asia Minor , perfumes Palmyra , ginger , cinnamon, gemstones and candlesticks Saudi oil Greece, pots Egyptian baked clay and polished .
She stood still and looking gifts lying on the carpet.
Jesus expected his turn with curiosity and give him : several sets of robes and dresses of the Torah scrolls of Alexandria, Babylon upholstery , paintings of Rome , figs, walnuts and a mantle balsams Damascus seamless fabric dyed goat hair color such a fine purple root never fade even heavy rain will fall with a star brand cooked inside, proving to be one piece of superior quality.
And for the house off the camel several Persian rugs that cover the dining room and bedroom floor.
All moving silent joy for a moment, Joseph got up and said Hadid why do all this without knowing us what is what you want and want from us?
I then also told them the following:
 I am prepared to answer your questions but I feel terrible (could not reveal the real reason for my being there) terribly regret not to say the real reason for my journey, and I could tell you that as a believer without physically not known them, I already loved, and longed to see them as they were in person.
But I was forced by circumstances to use a fictional story to calm his suspicions to me and receive in their home for a while until Jesus fulfilled 12 years , a few months later.
Resume my argument, they sat with Adiv : I said : It happened two years ago when I was traveling as a merchant in working for a large caravan trader named Hadad .
Will I be a good destination to be sold in other places including Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Being very close to Bethlehem, our caravan was attacked by Bedouins thieves. They stole all the goods, camels, donkeys and horses. They killed the guards and merchants and  I was seriously attacked and left me half dead in the desert.
Two days later I woke up from my unconsciousness, and survived thanks to the help of shepherds that were passing by leading his sheep back to the town of Bethlehem.
They took me with them and looked after me, healed and fed for three days.
Back to Bethlehem I staying in the house of one named Elijah. He contacts my employer counter called Erasmus, who obligingly sent us money to cover all our expenses. Elijah took care of me for three months until I regain my health and I was able to go back to my pattern was still in Jerusalem.
Elijah served me showing much compassion, love and goodwill
However, something curious thing happened during my stay with Elijah.
First he rebel that his name was not Elijah , and he chose that name for fear of eventual retribution of those who had assaulted me , and  because he knew or who may be suspected
T he assailants. I do not know why but we keep treating us as if he remained as Elijah.
 A few days before I left reward him financially; and suddenly he began to tell me that he had some relatives who were in Bethlehem but now for a time lived in Nazareth. And suddenly spoke their names, saying that Mary, Joseph, who was a carpenter, and the young Jesus lived here.
After a while, I encourage myself to resume my travels that allow me to learn about other cultures, and given that I have enriched by my years of work, and being somewhat old, I wanted to  be reciprocate with Elijah or whatever , but  because  I could not be not finding  this men in Belen , I  decided to do something good with some of his relatives who might be in need.
That's why when I come to organize visits of these areas of Galilee, decided to do some goodness with you in memory and thanks to Elijah. That's why I come to ask you Adiv by Joseph the carpenter. And here I am very pleased to know him and to now be in your house
.I Finish saying, - Do not feel obliged to accept the gifts if you still have doubts - . Just ask them to give me accommodation for a few months to have contact with your culture, and t be able to know me better.

They were silent before answering, which was for me an eternity. I did not want to leave the house because I had finally met the young Jesus. Joseph broke the silence and spoke: ' Hadid, as you see we are a poor family and. The truth that receive many unexpected present overwhelms us and causes some discomfort, because some of them have never used , and is , I think many do not need them . But they come as a gesture of gratitude and reciprocity; we can only thank and accept in good faith. It will also be a real treat for us to have you our guest say the short time available for my rip. I look Adid with a welcome smile, and I replied that I appreciated their hospitality and not let them down and now knew to me important and exciting times really were outlined. ( I held my excitement of being able to live with them a few months ) . This story will continue .
With affection,
Rubén Ener0 2014

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