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Anecdotes of some personalities

Anecdotes of some personalities

1. At a social gathering Marilyn Monroe crossed with Albert Einstein, she suggested: “What teacher says we should get married and have a child together. Is there a drink you imagine my beauty and your intelligence? " . Einstein replied very seriously:
"Unfortunately I 'm afraid the experiment out in reverse and end up with a child with my beauty and  your intelligence."

2. A reporter asked Einstein " I can you explain the Law of Relativity?” And Einstein replied “can  you explain  how you fry an egg ? " .
The reporter looked puzzled and replied, "Well, yes, yes I can”, to which Einstein replied
" Well, do it, but imagining that I do not know what  is an egg, or a pan, or oil , nor fire ."

3. During Nazism Einstein, because of being Jewish, he must endure a war against contrived in order to discredit their research. One such attempt was when the views of 100 scientists that contradicted Einstein, published in a book called "One Hundred Authors against Einstein" were compiled. This Einstein responded:
" Why one hundred? If I was wrong it would take just one. "

4. In Einstein gave a lecture at the College de France, the French writer Paul Valery asked, “Professor Einstein, when you have an original idea, what does?
Does the scores in a notebook or on a sheet? Loose” To which Einstein replied:
"When I have an original idea does not forget me *".

5. Einstein had three nationalities: German, Swiss and American.
At the end of his life, a reporter asked what possible impact on his reputation had these changes. Einstein responded:
" If my theories have proven false, the Americans would say it was a Swiss physicist, the Swiss, who was a German scientist, and the German astronomer who was a Jew."

6. In 1919, Einstein was invited by the English Lord Haldane to share an evening with different personalities. Among these there were very interested in the work of physical aristocrat. After a long conversation, English explained to Einstein who had recently lost his butler and had not yet found a replacement. “The stripe pants I've had to do it myself and ironing cost me almost two hours." To which Einstein said:
"You was going to tell me. You see these lines on my pants? Well it took me almost five years to get them. "

7. It is said that Einstein at a social gathering coincided with actor Charles Chaplin. During the conversation, Eisten told Chaplin "What I have always admired about you is that your art is universal, everyone understands you and admires you." To which Chaplin said:
" Theirs is more worthy of respect: everyone admires and virtually no one understands."

8. And finally one of the favorite jokes that Einstein recount meetings with politicians and scientists.
It is said that in the 20s when Albert Einstein was becoming known for his Theory of Relativity, was frequently requested by universities to give lectures. Since he did not like driving the car and yet it was very convenient to get around, engaged the services of a chauffeur.
After several days of travel, Einstein told the driver how boring it was to repeat the same thing over and over again.
" If you want, 'said the driver- I can substitute for one night. I heard your lecture so many times that I can recite word for word. "
Einstein agreed and before reaching the next place, Einstein exchanged clothes and took the wheel.
He came to the room where it was to hold the conference and as none of these scholars knew Einstein, farce is not found:
The driver explained that the conference had heard repeated many times to Einstein.
In the end, a teacher in the audience asked him a question. The driver had no idea what could be the answer, however had a spark of inspiration and I replied:
" The question that is so simple that I will let my chauffeur, who is at the end of the hall, answer."

Napoleon Bonaparte

9.Said that during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt the Sphinx was covered with sand leaving only his head visible, Napoleon ordered his men to dig to find the rest, seeing that was shaped like a feline Bonaparte was the victim of allergy cats so he asked his troops bombard so disagreeable animal, obviously there was no further damage to the Sphinx 's nose unless you break him since then keeps that classic profile.

Herman Cortes

10.Clásica is one story that says that the conquest of Mexico by Herman Cortés was greatly facilitated because one of his soldiers fell ill with smallpox, a situation the Conqueror took the opportunity to cause an epidemic in the city of Tenochtitlan.
Ponce de Leon

11.Otra says a couple of soldiers who accompanied the explorer Ponce de Leon have actually found the " Fountain of Youth" , which rejuvenated who bathed in its waters , the soldiers would have swum to a group of rocks in the middle of a gap where there was a spring from which sprang this magical water, swim to the islet soldiers have rejuvenated 20s, if returned would almost turned into babies so they were trapped on the rocks with the water feeding the spring.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa

12.Says when Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovers the " South Sea " , Pacific Ocean today , ordered his men kneel in the sand and wait without moving under penalty of death that he and only he will delve into the waters of way of being the first European to make contact with the new sea.

Isaac Newton

13.Isaac Newton was very reserved and believer. It very curious anecdotes count as that of the years he was a Member of Parliament asked to speak only once and it was closed for one window for entering the draft.

14. Mozart

a) The mysterious number 3:
 It is known that Mozart was a Mason Freemasonry and the number 3 is very significant as it plays a key role in their rituals. So Mozart flooded many of his works with this number. Thus, in The Magic Flute three major chords three fairies , three children that lead the protagonist in the woods, three magical instruments, three tests, three qualities of the protagonist, three temples are in the overture, ..

b ) Erotic Mozart:
Mozart included in almost all his works represented a touch camouflaged quite pronounced eroticism. But sometimes not so camouflaged. In fact I wrote a Canon which he entitled fully pornographic way : " Leck Mich in Arsch " so as ... Spanish is silent ...

c ) The child prodigy :
 With eight years and being a reputed soloist , Mozart composed his first symphony, and glared requirements to be a true child prodigy . The funny thing is that his last symphony (No. 41 ) who wrote shortly before his death , has a theme of 4 ratings equal to the Andante of the first: do, re, fa , mi .... Did Mozart was not going to write more symphonies?

d ) Marketing Mozart:
 For a while, it became fashionable to talk about the "Mozart Effect " and is , according to some ' psychologists ' , stimulates the intellect and increases holding capacity , even said that if pregnant women music he heard , the child or girl date a high IQ . Surely everything in order to promote certain films of the time ... but the fact is that if it served to more music he heard ... be it.

e) Mozart hated the sound of the flute:
Mozart could not stand the sound of a flute. "The only thing worse than a flute, is two." Indeed flute concertos he wrote were all custom, until replaced first by the clarinet this instrument, and created the fantastic Clarinet Concerto K.622 .
Thereafter he began to consider this instrument in orchestras.

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