Monday, October 13, 2014

Humour: Mafalda

The best quotes of "Mafalda

Mafalda is a cartoon Argentina cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, "Quino". Besides being one of the Latin American comics who traveled the world, also has the peculiarity that the bullets you can find reflections on life and fun and witty phrases that say different characters.

   1 Neither my father nor my teacher would sleep soundly knowing that instill things that do not work. "
   2 "Life is good, the problem is that many confuse cute with easy."
3 "Hands up those who are sick of seeing the world run with your feet!"
   4 "checks your jokes do not have funds in the bank of my mind."
   5 "Working for a living But why this life you have to earn to waste in working for a living?"
6 "Life should not deprive one child without first giving a good position in the youth."
   7 "All I know is that the birds do not require stairs to nowhere."
"The trouble with mass media is that not leave us time to communicate with us."
8 "I am beginning to suspect that when the teacher asks a question, it's not because she does not know."
"One thing is an independent country and the other a slope In country."
9 "Admitting you are wrong is the harakiri Pride."
"I do not know if I chose a bad time or a bad century to try to communicate ..."
10 "would be nice to wake up one day and find that the life of one, up to you."
"What if before doing what we have to do, start with what we should have done?"
   "As we continue so, this country is going to go abroad."
11 "Do not leave for tomorrow to try to fit him to another you have to do today."
  12 "What is behind the progress."
   13 "The Almanac is the bureaucracy of the time."
   14 "Start the day with a smile, you'll see how fun it is to go out there with everyone off key."
   15 "It's funny, you close your eyes and the world disappears."
"16 Would not it be lovely if the world libraries are more important than the banks?"
17 "I do not know how people would if I had to go back."
   18 "The cow is nothing but an intermediary between the grass and us."
  19 "We sound, boys!
Turns out that if one does not hurry to change the world, then the world is the one that changes!"
20 "In this world everyone has their own small or big concern."
   21 "There is no goodness, what happens is you are incognito."
   22 "The newspapers are full of bad news and why no one returns."
  23 "Not everyone going to school in the village of vocation."
  24 "The man has slowly been achieving unleash their freedom restricted."
25 "I trust, you trust, he trusts, trust us, you confiáis..Qué sleeve naive right?"
26 "Well, and how does one stick a band-aid in the soul?"
"Tell me ... what I can do with such an interesting personality as mine?"
27 "Never need someone to spare."
"Of course money is not everything, there are the checks."
   28. "" Good night world, but beware, that there are many irresponsible awake. "
   29 "Frankly I do not know what I would do without me."
"Are you not that this modern life is having more modern than life?"
   30 "is not a question of breaking the structures, but knowing what to do with the pieces."
   "The trouble with being a boy is that one ends up telling his life in two kicks."
  31 "Half a world likes dogs and to this day no one knows what to say Wow."

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