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Stories:The mirrors

The mirrors

Story: The origin of happiness
Pedro Pablo Sacristan

There was once a child smart and rich, that had practically everything, so he just called his attention the most rare and curious objects. That was what happened with an antique mirror, and persuaded his parents to buy him from a mysterious old man. When he came home and was reflected in the mirror, she felt her face looked very sad. In front of the mirror he began to smile and make faces, but his reflection remained sad.
Puzzled, he went to buy candy and all happy to be back in the mirror, but the reflection was sad. He got all kinds of toys and gadgets, but still not ceased to be sad in the mirror, so disappointed, left him in a corner. "Go rarer mirror! It's the first time I see a broken mirror!"

That afternoon went out to play and buy some toys, but going to the park, he met a little boy who cried sadly. He cried so much and you just saw, it was to help to see what was wrong.
Little he explained that he had lost his parents, and together they looked for him. As the boy would not stop mourn, our boy spent his money to buy some sweets to cheer until finally, after much walking, eventually finding the parents of the boy, who were worried sick looking for him.

The boy said goodbye to the child and walked to the park, but seeing how late it was done, he turned and went home without having gotten to play without toys and penniless.
At home, to get to his room, he thought he saw a glow from the corner where he left the mirror. And look, he found himself beaming, illuminating the entire room. Then he realized the mystery of that mirror, reflecting the only true joy of its owner.
And he realized it was true, and he was really happy to have helped that child.
And since then, every morning when you look in the mirror and see that special glow, he  know what to do to recover.

Story: Beyond the mirror
Virgilio Diaz Grullón

The story tells how a man with his wife were in an antique store and buying something while the wife bought the man looked mirrors where he struck one of them and looked over his dusty surface will not  make reflection face he paralyzed then the blood came and cleaned the mirror and his image appeared again himself . He  tock the he mystic mirror to his home where his wife placed in the attic with a lot of stuff was. so the man expected his wife was not home to go up and see the mirror so he practiced all week without any unusual phenomenon when; four days after he spoke to his reflected face mirror momentarily paralyzed and being really amazed every day when he did realize he had other feelings and be a stranger to his forehead started quickly this will cause problems of insomnia, restlessness among others problems.

 After looking felt the desire to touch so doing felt his hand step further on a gelatinous surface could not express his horrible feeling and last night when  could not sleep with his wife was quietly went to the attic with the idea that he was the protagonist of an extraordinary event so writing a note saying:
 "... As soon finishes these notes give the final step, the ends run me through the mirror and I will face my destiny. Goodbye."

Story: The Chinese mirror (anonymous)

A Chinese farmer went to the city to sell the rice harvest and his wife asked him not to forget to bring a comb.
After selling their rice in the city, the farmer met with some friends, and drank and celebrated long. Then a little confusing, when returning, he did not remember that his wife had asked him something, but what was it? I could not remember. Then he bought in a store for women the first thing that caught his eye: a mirror. He returned to the village.
He gave the gift to his wife and went to work their fields. The woman looked in the mirror and began to mourn inconsolably. The mother asked the reason for those tears.
She gave him the mirror and said:
My husband brought another woman, young and beautiful.
The mother took the mirror, looked at him and said to his daughter:
No need to worry, it's an old one.

Poem: Mirrors:
Jorge Luis Borges

I felt that the horror of mirrors
not only to the impenetrable glass
where ends and begins, uninhabitable,
an impossible space of reflections

but to speculate that mimics the water
the other in his deep blue sky
Stripes sometimes illusory flight
bird or the reverse stirred an earthquake

And in the quiet surface
whose subtle smoothness of ebony
repeats the whiteness like a dream
a vague pink marble or vague,

Today, after so many and perplexing
years of wandering under the moon varies,
I wonder what chance of fortune
I was afraid mirrors.

Metal mirrors, masked
mahogany mirror that in the mist
its red twilight disfuma
that face that looks and is looked at,

I see infinite, elementary
executors of an ancient covenant,
multiply the world as the act
generative, sleepless and fatal.

Prolongs this vain uncertain world
in its dizzying web;
sometimes in the afternoon fogs
the breath of a man who is not dead.

We lurks crystal. If the four
walls of the room there is a mirror,
I am no longer alone. There is another. There reflection
that weapon in a stealth dawn theater.

Everything happens and nothing is remembered
in those crystalline cabinets
where, as great rabbis,
We read books from right to left.

Claudio king of an afternoon, King dreamed,
he felt it was a dream until that day
in which an actor spoiled his felony
with silent art in a stage.

You have dreams it is rare, it has mirrors,
and spent the usual repertoire
Daily includes illusory
orb hatched deep reflections.

God (I've been thinking) makes an effort
throughout that elusive architecture
which builds up the light with the smoothness
glass and shadow with sleep.

God created the nights are assembled
dreams and ways mirror
for man feels that reflects
and vanity.
Why not alarmed.


Peter arrives on a Tuesday to school and the teacher asks,
Peter  why did not you come to school yesterday?
And Peter answered:
Oh teacher , what do you think ?, my parents who fight.
Peeter , that's no excuse for you, did not come to school.
Master, is that when my parents fight, is thick teacher, really.
Peter , that's no excuse for not assist classes yesterday.
teacher  is that when my parents fight things are fanned teacher.
What it does that have to do with who only yesterday you came to school?
Look teacher, my dad threw my mom lamp room, my mother broke down and the lamp bathroom mirror.
Pepito Well, I do not understand the relationship between the mirror and your lack of yesterday.
As a teacher, when I was at school and I went to brush my teeth, and as I did not see me in the mirror, I said: This child already went to school!
A tramp goes to the airport and looks in a mirror and think, if I had known he was here, had not come.

Chinese mirror? HAY-TOY-

One day, a grandfather of 98 years was on the phone with her grandson; grandson says:
Hi I Grandpa, I'm listening very happy, why?
The grandfather replied:
It is that just broke the mirror.
But that gives you seven years of bad luck!, said the grandson.
And the grandfather replied:
Yes! Is not it fantastic?

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