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Story: Fish of patio

Fish of patio
Story: Luis Landriscina

And I'll tell you a tale worthy of a countryman of Buenos Aires to the ones I've seen in jinetadas (horse ridding) on national holidays, and so proudly bears his garment and how to use it like leaves. There are some who wear as gauchos from time to time, but there are others who live in rural tasks. There are some who wear gauchos from time to time, but there are others who live in rural tasks. The protagonist of this story is a true gaucho.
"And the conversation out of anything and says he was bored": And the other says, what about? Then the other and find tips to start your story:
 And I was bored che, and what  I  do, I said to myself; I go fishing I said, and look for the thing and left. Find a bend in the river that had shade, and went, and sat there and revole (cast) the line there.
And I had spent about 15 or 16minutos, and felt a tug, not too strong or too flip. And I let it throw the first and second, and when he came third, pull to engage, and engage and suit.
And I pick one tiny fish, and fill pity to see him so little and I said I'm returning the water to to man is made, now is useless. And release careful not to hurt him, because the poor guy could look bad mouth, I take the bait, and just like that with my left arm sent t over for water.
You know that in air the fish makes a pirouette and turns to the outside of their own volition. And down next to me and looks at me as if to say: What does my friend? As saying! If I sack, sack che me!!
As his pride wounded fish as saying: What do I do now if I go back down, I they will say that I am not good enough as fish?  And he gave me as a disgrace to my che, and I blushed, and almost without looking grip and put it in a bucket of water I usually wear so that you will not dry out the gills of fish, and get there.
And I was fishing without catching che, because I was intrigued by the attitude of the fish.
And you know that halso happens the same whit the fish, because he flipped through the bucket.
And it was time to go, because I had already killed time as I wanted, because I was fishing for kill time. And I though what I do with this fish. The river will not want return, kill him I will not kill, it it is a crime to this very small fish; and so I decided bring it to the house.

And I start breeding   in the house; between the  canton (patio)  fitfully in the basin, and was changing according to size. And now I rose in the drinkable.
Also, because I grew up with  so little, was not delicate with biscuits; and you know that in the farm we have a habit; when you have an animal, feeds him and tells him his name, and that's like a bell for them; because they know that the food are for them; And I call him Pancho.
And I call! Pancho! From the kitchen, and pulled his head, and when I   have
 throw (largaba)  a cookie, and he shuffled into the air. And he became a big fish and was in the trough or drinkable because not fit elsewhere. And one day I was drinking mate sitting in a chair and feel a stir in the yard, I go to see, “the. Fish running down my chickens”.
 And I went and said, "No brother Pancho, you are fish brother, if you please, and  sent to the water in a bad way. Then he look at me as  as saying: Ufa; because it lying if I say that he had no character because had character a this  fish. I return to the kitchen for more matte, and taken me three mates, when I feel again stir in the yard. I go again, and see the fish fighting with the dog; grudge because it had .And there I said: Let Pancho we do, you are the brother water, do not walk me around the yard. And you know that I have trough in the water fast jumping  to the ant other,  side , as telling me : !!I am here!!  And he was not used to the water anymore!!Che!
!and being not in the water and was outside and he became fish of patio.

But such a form che friend, sometimes I t was returned  from town the people, and felt my horse galloping, and ran to the gate to greet, to greet me, to make me party and the horse was confused because he had never seen "dog legless. "

And the dog had a jealous, because for the worse, when the fish use be outside; when I sat to drink mate, the so snuggled and played with the espadrille and stood affectionate and I  fondle  as if it were a along dog.
And the Sultan he had a fight at Pancho.
One day me sane, like today, a barbarian hot, and I told the fish: Che Pancho this warm sunny day that you think if we go to the creek and we stick one soaked.
And he looked at me with a look of grateful that moved me and left the two.
The Sultan kept us away 50 meters back with a hoarse dog.
And we got to the creek bank in the deep end, and he stared as if to say is not going to throw  like this clothes; and I remove my clothes and told  Pancho: Well we're equal millet, at three dive, and I said one, two three and took off the two together.
Are you   not going to believe me that he drowns che?

With affection,

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