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Story:Scare to dentist

Story:Scare to dentist
Luis Landriscina.

Corrientes province is defining some regional culture of the Coast. It is a province to which name it is easier to explain. The correntinos have their own identity because they are the result of the mixture between Guarani and Spanish, with no other culture in the middle. And it is proudly correntino. And I would say more: it is aggressively proud. Now, not so much, but thirty years ago you would put into question the honor of a correntino and skewered like a butterfly pa'colección, just in case.
Because it is also very well handle the knife, the knife. This was the case of Moncho Garmendia, of the Santo Tomé, there lying on the bank of Uruguay, lying close to Misiones.
The Moncho Garmendia, was a symbol of courage. Scar that walked released, had Moncho. He had fought with what was put forward. But he had no scars have fought alone, but that did work well, because it was a working man. Man lowering find hacienda where weathering, frost, with hailstones.
But as was a symbol of courage, Moncho Garmendia had an Achilles heel, skinny side. Les was terrified of dentists and physicians. Neither vaccinated  was the Moncho.
And evil came shuffling with a toothache: four days and nights without sleep.
And some circles that seemed stirrups, was a Christian. He had been promised healers heal word, and he even spoke of healing toad. People who are in the field must agree to this popular belief. It is a cure that is to catch a live toad and the side of the belly make a cross on the side of the tooth that hurts, then the frog back is pulled, and the popular belief is that to you, you miss the pain Toothache and grabs the frog; which is not true because the frog has no teeth. What I believe is that the impression of spending a frog's face is passed to the appendix. But they could not compose Moncho, so I approached the employer, Don Soto, and he said: Moncho, will leave us pavear. Tomorrow we go to Dr. Garcia, back in town, so you cure that tooth and dejás bothering your family and everyone around you, because you need to be listening to your moans all day eh? !!. El Moncho, accustomed to respect and loyalty by your employer, like any good correntino not said no input, but came to do some drawings with espadrille on earth:
- Excuse me, boss, I'm not going. He muttered.
- How Come?
- No, I'm not going.
- How will you not go why?
- I am ashamed to say, but I'm afraid of the dentist.
- But you do not say! Will be a pa'la papelón Chamigo area!
Look ... .. Tomorrow when I stopped the truck in front of your ranch and feel the honking, you better go up, because if I get angry, it will cost me quite abuenarme, did you hear?
That ended the conversation. The next day, early, later the truck stopped Ranch Moncho Garmendia. A honk and Moncho rose.
- Good morning - said. I knew it was going to slaughter, so no added or mu.
They reached the front office people and the pattern tells the Moncho to get off, and continues back by doubts. Together expect. At one point the office door opens and out Dr. Garcia, jovial: - What Don Soto Moncho ?, What ?, Who will attend?
And Don Soto says: - the Moncho walks with a tooth problems. Atendélo, to see that it has. - Spend Moncho passes.
Those who have ever been to a dentist will agree with me that feels a smell that only occurs in dental offices.
That was the first thing that threw him back.
Above, the doctor says: - How, is not he who is going to sitting Sit. Pal'que never went to a doctor to see whack a dentist's chair, brother, it's awesome. It is a rare blend of stretcher with backrest and electric chair because it makes so much buzzword.
And then yes, the courage of Moncho was no more. Stuck a terrified Christian. What did head in the door because he got caught spur on the carpet, because otherwise .... And the pattern there became angry: - Well Moncho, che! It seems incredible, a big man! Che, making such a fool of! Spend pa'dentro!
The Moncho looked down, ashamed of his own fear and entered. And above shoulder Moncho, when he was coming, the employer made a yaw intelligence to the dentist, like telling him to be patient, that man walked with fear. And the dentist returned yaw as saying: Stay calm.
Psychologist to the dentist says: - I know what you get, Moncho. You're missing a shot to grab courage, as well correntino, Moncho is not it?
- And yes ...... - Said the other, not knowing what to say of julep.
And the dentist says to the nurse:
- Carmelita, there in the closet, in the bottom, there is a bottle of cane. Will I reach it?
- Tomá, Moncho, see if then you take courage.
Then he uncorked the bottle and Moncho commanded a dive .... How to get on the other side.
The dentist did not see that and settled instruments, lit the alcohol burner and became distracted, and cooing felt, well .... Now when I caught a glimpse of that was down three-quarters of the bottle he thought it was the ideal time.
He turns the dentist, sincerely, without rushing things, and says:
- What ?, Hello, Moncho ?, do you already  grabbed courage?
- Yes sir.
After saying that, he left the bottle, and a movement drew his knife and said:

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