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Story:A dog die nomas'(just)

José Larralde  was born on October 22, 1937 in Huanguelén, Province of Buenos Aires - Argentina. He wrote his first poems at seven years of age, thus initiating a vast and fruitful path that would lead inexorably to the heart of Argentine. Descendant of Basques and Arabs, Jose was rural worker, tractor, mason, mechanic, welder and, as he describes himself, guitar player and singer.

"A DOG DIED nomas'(just)

I saw tirao (launched)  passing on one side of the track.
A dead dog in the end we just do little interest
Insurance goaded into a car and fell under a wheel
or maybe pure  sonso  (silly) or even not saw the danger
and being meek and confiao (confident)  he  face inadvertently  that dogs can also be distracted one gueltas(some times)
and walk as Christians cabresteando  (avoiding) some penalties.

And that afternoon because I  iba  (have go) fresh head
I kept thinking about his death in a costao (side of track).
And I started to put in my ideas,
I did mine  also or other people pa'l case either way
but I made the poor had one owner and was
Imagine what  followed a horse ajuera at  field
helping his  employer to deal with sheep.
Or become guardian of a farm home
and I thought   hear barking a weasel
Or waiting for a mouse next to a pile of firewood,
companion dogs over a service we provide

By then I got to thinking on with my sonsera(silliness)
it could be a gurí  (boy) that accompany school and while studying  he went to hunt  purser a prey   and only found death in a costao( footprint).

And that if, where the idea was me sadder than the other idea
because a dog is a boy pa' field without believing
friend, brother and toy and spend hours.

Guardian , Barbucho, Pinta  surprise would be called, perhaps
Bravo, Guacho, Captain, the name can  you  put
if ahura (out si de) all is dead and that either interest.

You just have to think that at some ranch await
and not missing one who says that  run  behind a bitch,
thinking the very cunning and miss the querencia(love)

Already,  never leave the field under the  horse riding,  
nor will  follow a little boy so sad today its absence
or care of the houses on the door costao(beside)
So pa' to think if this is nothing rimedéa(helps)
and these things eventually forget as any other events.
I saw tirao  (lay) passing on one side of the tread
A dog died at the road  end we just do little interest.

Up here the story of the author. However I wish to take this story to offer a short tribute to my dog Max, now deceased who accompanied me for 15 years.

Honor my faithful and loving companion: Max

.1 when you were young we take care of you, but I know that when you grow up your desire and duty was always taking care of us.
2. To understand the love for someone rough having you around.
3. The joys and sorrows go hand in hand, now that  we remember you are running on the beach and in your last days in pain.
4. Max thanks for showing us how easy it turned 15 years living your life without rancor.
5. Whenever we get home we'll see through the gate and hear you’re barking with joy.
6. Nothing we do know that you're no longer with us, will make us forget and less replace you, you will live forever more in us.
1.       Grew old together as good friends, and I think by your attitude that you wanted us much more to than yourself.
I miss you a lot mate, especially in my   loneliness.

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