Saturday, April 6, 2013

Short stories: Samara death

Samara death: Gabriel García Márquez (Adaptation)
The servant comes home terrified of his master.
'Sir,' says Death've seen on the market and made me a sign of threat.
The master takes a horse and money, and says:
-Flees to Samarra.
The servant flees.
That afternoon, early, the master see Death is on the market.
-This morning I  you did my servant threatened a sign says.
-It was not Death threat-response-but surprise.
Because I saw there, so far from Samarra, and this afternoon I have to pick it up there.

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  1. The servant arrives to his master's house white and trembling.
    'Sir', he says 'I saw Death at the marketplace and she made a threatening gesture at me'
    The master lends his horse and gives him some money: 'Take this and go to Samarra'.
    So the servant flees.
    Later, that afternoon, the master sees Death at the marketplace and says:
    'This morning you made a threatening gesture to my servant'
    Death replied: 'It was not a threatening gesture, it was a start of surprise for I saw him faraway from Samarra, and this afternoon I have to pick him up there'.