Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Thief of Saturday

Thief  of Saturday: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hugo, a thief who steals only weekends, enters a house on a Saturday night.
Anne, the owner, hopeless insomniac pretty thirties, discovers in the act.
 Threatened with gun, gives women all jewelry and valuables, and asks him to stay away from Pauli, his three year old girl.
However, the girl he sees, and he won with some magic tricks. Hugo thinks, "Why leave so soon, if it's so nice here?" Could stay all weekend and enjoy fully the situation, because the husband knows because he has spied-no returns from his business trip until Sunday night.
The thief does not think much: pants gets man of the house and asks Ana to cook for him, you get the wine from the cellar and put some music to dinner, because he cannot live without music.
To Ana, concerned about Pauli, while making dinner comes up with something to get the type of home. But you cannot do much because Hugo cut the telephone wires, the house is far, it is night and nobody will come. Ana decides to put a sleeping pill in the cup of Hugo.
During dinner, the thief, who during the week is a bank watchman, discovers that Ana is the host of his favorite radio, popular music program heard every night, without fail. Hugo is his great admirer and. while listening to the great Benny singing was it on tape, talk about music and musicians. Ana regrets to put Hugo sleep it behaves quietly and do not intend to hurt or violate it, but it's too late because the sleeping pill is already in the cup and the thief drinks all very happy. However, there has been a mistake, and who has taken the cup with the pill is it. Ana falls asleep in a trice.
The next morning Anna wakes up fully dressed and well covered with a blanket in his bedroom. In the garden, Hugo and Pauli play, as they have finished making breakfast. Ana is surprised at how well they get along. Plus he loves her cooking that thief who, after all, is quite attractive. Ana begins to feel a strange happiness.
At that time a friend goes to invite her to lunch. Hugo is nervous but Ana invents the girl is sick and sends her away. So all three are close together at home to enjoy on Sunday.
Hugo repairs the windows and the phone broke last night, while whistling. Ana learns that he dances very well Damson, dancing she loves but can never play with anyone. He offers to dance a piece and is coupled so the dances until late afternoon.
Pauli watches, clap and eventually falls asleep. Exhausted, they end up lying on a couch in the room.
By then they started day sky, it is time for the husband returns. Although Ana resists, Hugo returns almost everything he had stolen, gives some advice to not get into his house thieves, and says goodbye to the two women with no little sadness. Ana watches him go.
Hugo is about to disappear and she calls out. When he returns she says, looking him straight in the eye so that the next weekend her husband will return to departure on  s aturday .
The thief walks away happy, dancing in the streets of the neighborhood, while dark.

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