Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Daily confusion

Daily confusion: Franz Kafka

An everyday incident, which is a mix every day. To have to close a deal with B in H. He moved to H for a preliminary interview, gets ten minutes to go and ten to return, and boasts in his house that speed. The next day H again, this time to close the deal.
Since that probably will require many hours, A is very early. Although the circumstances (at least in the view of A) are precisely those of the day before, this time it takes ten hours to reach H. Arrive at sunset, surrendered. We report that B, anxious about his delay has recently left for the people of A and they must have crossed paths. You are advised to wait. A, however, eager for the business, leave immediately and return to his house.
This time, pay more attention, makes the trip at a time. At home we say that B came very early, immediately after the departure of A, and that until he passed the threshold A and wanted to remind the business, but that A responded that he had no time and should leave immediately.
Despite this incomprehensible behavior, B went inside to wait their turn. And I had often wondered if he had not returned yet, but was always waiting in the room of A. Happy to talk to B and explain what happened, A runs upstairs.
Just before reaching stumbles, a tendon is twisted and almost lost consciousness, unable to cry, moaning in the dark, listen to B-perhaps far as, perhaps beside her coming down the stairs angry and you lose forever.

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