Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Wealth

Wealth Anonymous)

Once, a father good wealthy family took his son to a trip by the field with the firm purpose of that his son to see how poor were the poor people of the field.
Were for about one days and a night complete in a farm of a peasant family very humble.
As l conclude the trip and back home the father asks his son:
- What do you found the trip?
- Very nice Dad!

- Did you see that so poor may be the people?
- Yes!
- And what about you learned?

- That we have a dog at home, they have four.
We have a pool arriving from an border to half the garden, them have stream that has no end.
We have imported lamps in the courtyard, they have the stars. Our patio arrives until the end of the house, theirs has everything a horizon.
They have time to talk and coexist in family; you and my mom have to work all the time and almost never see.

As l finishes the story, the father stayed silent ... and his son added:
- Thanks Dad by teach me what rich who we can become!!!

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