Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Instructions to climb a ladder

Instructions to climb a ladder: Julio Cortázar

No longer will often observe that folds down so that one hand up at right angles to the ground plane, and then the next part is placed parallel to this plane, to make way for a new perpendicular conduct is repeated spiral or broken line to highly variable elevations. Bending and placing the left hand on one of the vertical sides and right on the horizontal corresponding momentary possession is a step or rung. Each of these steps, formed as seen by two elements, is situated a little above and below than the previous principle that gives meaning to the stairs, since any other combination may produce forms most beautiful and picturesque, but unable to moved from the ground floor to the first floor.
A stairway ahead, try it backwards or sideways particularly uncomfortable. The natural attitude is standing, arms hanging easily, head up but not so much that the eyes fail to see the steps immediately above you step, and breathe slowly and regularly. To climb a ladder begins by lifting that body part on the right below, usually encased in leather or suede, and exceptions, fits exactly on the step. Start the first step that party, which call for short walk, collected the equivalent of the left (also called walking, but not to be confused with the aforementioned foot), and lifting the foot height, you does continue to put in the second step, which in the foot will rest, and rest on the first foot. (The first steps are always the most difficult to acquire the necessary coordination. Name matching between the foot and the foot makes it difficult to explain. Especially careful not to lift while foot and foot).
Arrived in this way a second step, it suffices to repeat the movements alternately until one reaches the top of the stairs. It comes out of it easily, with a light tap of the heel to fix in place, which will not move until the time of descent.

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