Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: Very serious is going to happen in this town

Very serious is going to happen in this town: Gabriel García Márquez

Imagine a very small town where there is an old lady who has two children, a daughter 17 and a 14. Is serving them breakfast and has a worried expression. The children ask what's wrong and she replies:
I do not know, but I dawned with the feeling that something very serious is going to happen to this town.
They laugh at the mother. They say that these are premonitions of old, things that happen.
The child is going to play pool, and when they will throw a carom very simple, the other player says:
I bet you one peso do not make it.
They all laugh. He laughs. Throw the carom and does not.  h pays e and we all wonder what happened, if it was a simple carom. Answer:
'That's true, but it has been the concern of one thing my mother told me this morning about something serious is going to happen to this town.
All laugh at him, and he has earned his peso back to his house, where his mother and granddaughter or in short, any relative. Happy with your peso t, says:
I won this peso from Damaso in the simplest way because he is a fool.
- Why is silly?
-Man, because he could not make a very simple fluke cluttered with the idea that his mom woke up today with the idea that something serious is going to happen in this town.

Then he tells his mother:

-Do not mock the old foreboding because sometimes happens.
The relative hears and will go buy meat. She tells the butcher:
-Sell me a pound of meat, and when he is cutting it, she adds: Best sell me two because  there are saying that something bad will happen and it's best to be prepared.
The butcher their meat shipped and when another woman comes to buy a pound of f meat he says:
-Take two because here comes people saying that something very serious is going to happen, and are preparing and buying things.
Then the old women answers:
-I have several children, look, better give me four pounds.
It takes four pounds, and to not make a long story, tells the butcher in the meat half hour runs, kills another cow, sold all and is spreading the rumor. There comes a time when everyone in the village, it is waiting for something. Activities were paralyzed and suddenly, at two in the afternoon, hot as ever. Someone says:
- Has realized the heat he's doing?
- But if this town has always been hot!
(Both heat that is town where the musicians were patched with tar instruments and played always in the shade because if they touched the sun falling apart.)
'However,' says one, at this time has never been so hot.
'But at two in the afternoon is when more heat.
-Yes, but not as hot as now.
The deserted village, to the empty square, a bird suddenly low and spread the word:
-There is a bird in the square.
And everybody is afraid, and to see the bird.
-But, gentlemen, there has always been birds that fall.
-Yes, but not this time.
There comes a time of such tension to the villagers, they are all desperate to leave and do not have the courage to do.
-I really am very male-shouts one. I'm going.
Grab his furniture,   children and pets, put them in a cart and going through the main street where the poor people watching. Until they say:
-If he dares, for we too.
And literally begin to dismantle the village. They take things, animals, everything.
And one of the last to leave the village, said:
-Do not come the misfortune to fall on what is left of our house, and then the other fire and burn their houses also.
flee in a tremendous and real panic, as in an exodus of war, and among them is the lady who was the harbinger, crying:
-I said that something serious was going to happen, and they told me I was crazy.


  1. "something" very serious? why is there no subject to the title?

  2. In Spanish, this short story by Garcia Marquez is called: Algo muy Grave Va a Suceder en este Pueblo ("Something" Really Bad is Going to Happen). "Something" is the subject. This word is used to leave it open to the reader's imagination.

  3. Very poor translation. Did you just put it into google translate?