Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stories: The scientist

The scientist: Gabriel García Márquez

A scientist, who lived preoccupied with the problems of the world, was determined to find ways to reduce them.
He spent days in his lab for answers to his questions.
 One day, his son seven years invaded his sanctuary decided to help his work.
The scientist, nervous about the interruption, asked the boy to go and play somewhere else. Finding it impossible to remove, the father thought of something that could give him in order to distract his attention. Suddenly he found a magazine, where he had a map of the world, just what he needed. Use scissors to cut the map into pieces and along with a roll of tape gave it to his son, saying: "as you like puzzles, I'll give the world all broken to fix it without anyone's help." He then calculated that it would take 10 days small composing the map, but it was not.
Past few hours, he heard the boy's voice calling him calmly. "Dad, Dad, and I all got to finish.
" At first the father did not believe in the child!
He thought it would be impossible at his age would have gotten together a map he had never seen before. Suspicious, the scientist looked up from his notes with the assurance that the work would be worthy of a child. To his surprise, the map was complete. All the pieces had been placed in their proper places. How was it possible? How the child had been able to? Thus, the father asked his son in amazement:
- Sonny, you did not know what the world was, how did you do it? Daddy, replied the boy, I did not know what the world was, but when you get the map of the magazine to cut it, I saw that the other side was the figure of a man. So I turned around and started cuts reconstruct the man, he did know what it was.
"When I got to fix the man, I turned the page and saw that I had fixed the world".

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