Monday, October 22, 2012

Actitude : Flight of geese

Flight of geese

Next season, when you see geese heading migrate somewhere warmer for the winter, notes that they always fly in a "v".

And they fly in this way, as well entirely flock increases by 71% the flight range, relative to a bird flying alone.

We got it the first lesson:
Share the same direction and the direction of the group, can more easily get faster to the destination you want to reach, because helping each other be better achievements.

When a goose falls out of formation, it feels the wind resistance and the difficulty of flying alone. Then rapidly returns to training to take advantage of the lifting power that are before him.
We took a second lesson:
 Staying in tune, united and together all those who are heading in the same direction, the effort will be much less used. So it will be easier and pleasant to the desired goals and are prepared to accept and offer help.

When the lead goose gets tired, goes to the end of the training, while another takes the lead.
Here we have a third lesson:
Share leadership, mutual respect at all times, sharing problems and difficult jobs, gathering skills, talents and resources.

The geese to fly in formation honk to give courage and encouragement to those who go to the front to keep up their speed.
It follows a fourth lesson of the latter:
When there is courage and encouragement progress is greater, for a word of encouragement to time motivates and helps give or regain strength, and produces the best benefits

When a goose in flight gets sick, is injured or tired, and must leave the formation, others leave and accompanying training to help and protect.
They stay with it until it dies or is able to resume its flight to reach the flock, or to join another formation.
The fifth lesson is as follows:
 We are bound to each other's side, despite the differences, both in times of trouble and in times of great stress.
If we stand next to each other, helping and joining us and sharing, we will realize the meaning and spirit of group and team.
If despite differences we can form a group of people to deal with any situation, and then finally understand the true meaning of friendship.

If we are aware of the feeling of sharing, you can be sure that life will be simpler, and the value of the years more enjoyable.
Friends try to  be we geese.

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