Monday, October 22, 2012

Reflection: That call not so

That call not so

So back you up, to fail and start again, to follow a path and having to twist, to find the pain and having to deal with it, that call not call it adversity Call  Wisdom.

. A feeling that the hand of God and knowing you powerless, look out for a goal and having to follow another, to escape a trial and having to face it, to plan a flight and having to cut it, and not being able to aspire, to want and not knowing, and not come forward.
A punishment that call not call it .Call Teaching.

  A day spent together that radiant, happy days and sad days, lonely days and days of company
a routine that call not call.  Call it Experience.

   Around your eyes look and your ears hear, and your brain function and your hands to work, your soul radiates sensitivity and heart feel love; to that call not call it evolution and human power. Call it Divine Miracle.

  That you're doing right now, that your eyes are reading this message, and you have time to digest it spiritually, and to appreciate the mind and heart, and have that feeling of affection, that call not coincidence Call it Friendship.

And therefore, thought I'd share with you what I also received from another friend, and adapt it so that aspires to help continue this selfish life complicated for us.

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