Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter about this Blog

For years I've been writing and compiling articles which you are now available to you  also in these pages. Besides writing for my Lord, I have also some provision for writing and other narratives which increase in this new blog.

I also wanted to do something more interesting posts this site include personal attitude, general reflections and spiritual, poetry, history, stories and remembrances, positive thoughts and some poetry.
I've been keeping a lot of posts, which I have selected and grouped for inclusion in this study.
Perhaps you were to ask the reason why I do this or, devoting time and effort.
My answer is simple: do not know yet.

But about the great commandment that   arry on  have it very clear because I leave my testimony about my love and fear of God and Jesus Christ, with the hope that you too get to know him and be saved from damnation detailing the Scriptures.
That's why I repeat  ask that  for you r visit and also share this blog with your acquaintances

We live in a world of great technological advances in communications, but we live isolated and incommunicative with others , which is absurd.
Maybe in some way I have tried to restore this broken link or damaged, way to you with the great commandment but not afraid to tell that I think   fail from the start of my attempt.
  Surely some things you find in this blog are not to your liking, because we all have different affinities, but it is my wish that you find something else you like so you can distract healthily, so that my desire is fulfilled by communication.
With affection,

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