Monday, October 15, 2012

Tale: About how evil the devil distributed by the World

About how evil the devil distributed by the World
By Ciro Alegría(Peruvian writer)

I'll tell you, and do not forget, for it is a Christian should always keep in mind, this story that we will never forget and tell our children with the commissioning of the repeat to his, and so continued  relay and never miss.

 This occurred at a time when the Devil came to sell the land evils.
 The man had sinned and was condemned, but no choice of evils.

 Then the Devil with his bag on his shoulder, going down every road woes selling land carrying in his bag packed, as there was knackered.

There was dust all colors were evils: There were poverty, and disease, greed and hatred, opulence is also an evil and greed, which is another bad when it is due, and here there was missing badly.
Among these there was one tiny package and white powder, which was discouraged.
 And so people were going to buy and bought all disease, poverty, greed and those who thought buying more opulence and ambition.

And it was to be poor among Christians themselves, The Devil sold them at a good price, but a package with white powder that looked at him, but nobody paid attention.

What is it that? Asked out of curiosity.

And the Devil replied, discouragement, and they said that's not a great evil, and not bought.

 And the Devil got angry because people seemed locked in their ideas.
And if by somebody wanted to buy one, wondering how much?
 The devil answered: both. All or nothing.
And it was a high price, but the price of  both and here people laughed saying that this packet so small and it was not that great evil  so was not right charged  so high, and insult  him.

And the devil had also laughed seeing anger as people thought. And so he sold all evil, but no one wanted to buy one packet, because it was
tiny and discouragement was not as great evil.

And the Devil said this, all without this, not one. And most people laughed, thinking the devil had gone goofy. And  only here that the parcel, for which no one took for him or copper.
Then the Devil, with more anger and yet the same laugh laughing said: this is mine and
disseminate trough the wind that dust to be out worldwide.

 Since then, all men were  sick  and worse evils, for the evil that flew through the air and all the men sick.
 Just because you have to repair, just to realize ... If you are lucky and powerful, but falls discouraged by life, nothing is worth it and vice grips.

 If you are humble and poor, then it loses discouragement faster yet, and that's how the devil did wrong the whole earth, for without discouragement no evil could catch a man.

Thus this world, where some more, and where some less, always comes and no one can be really good, he cannot resist, as expected, strong fighting spirit and body that is life.

  Children of the world: Those discouragements never wield not your heart.

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