Monday, October 22, 2012

Actitude: Stages of Life

Stages of Life by Paolo Coelho
You just need to know when a stage in life.

If you insist on staying in it beyond the necessary, you lose the joy and sense of rest.
Closing circles, or closing doors or closing chapters, as you like to call it, the important thing is to close them, leaving moments of life to be decommissioned.
Did you finish your work? Is it just the relationship? Do not you live in that house? Should you go on a trip? Is the friendship over?
You can spend much of their present "wallowing" in the whys ", and return again and again the" cassette "to try to understand why it happened that fact.

The wear will be infinite because in life you and I, your friend, your children, your brothers and sisters and we are all doomed to be closing chapters, to turn the page, to end the stage, because they are moments in life and move on.
We cannot be in this longing for the past.
Not even asking for what happened, you have to let go, is to be discarded.

We cannot be eternal children and late adolescents or employees of companies exist, or have, or have links with those who do not want to be connected to us.
The facts go and let them go.
So sometimes it's so important to destroy memories, present gift, move house, or sell pull documents, books to give away.
External changes can symbolize overcoming internal processes, let go, let go, let go. In life no one played with marked cards, you have to learn how to lose and win. You have to let go, you have to turn the page, you have to live only with what we have at present. The past is gone.
Do not expect to return, do not expect to be recognized, and do not expect to ever realize who you are.
Release the resentment, "turn on your TV staff" to give and give to the matter. All I get is damaging mentally, or embittering poison.

Life is forward, never back.
 Because if you walk through life leaving open just in case, you can never get rid of it live today with satisfaction. Engagements, or friends, not closed down, "likely to return"
 (What? Needed information, words left unsaid, that silence invaded, if you can face them and now, do it now, but let it go, closing chapters.
Tell yourself no and no again.

But not out of pride or arrogance, but because it does not fit there, in that place, in that heart, in that room, at that desk in that building.
You are not the same as it was two days ago, three months ago, a year ago, so there is nothing to return to.
Close the door, past the blade, close the circle.
Neither you nor will the same contour that returns will be equal, because in life nothing stands still, nothing is static.
Is mental health, love yourself, and then it is no longer in your life.

Remember that no one is indispensable, no person, no place, no work, nothing is vital to live because: When you came into this world, came without that "sticky" so it is "customary" to live next to it, personal work and learn to live without it "sticky" human or physical, now it hurts to let go.
It is a process of learning to let go and humanly can achieve, p because I repeat, nothing and nobody is indispensable. It's just habit, addiction, need.
But close, close down, clean, pull, oxygenated, Slough, shake, release.
There are many words to mean mental health; whatever you choose will definitely help you move forward with confidence. That is life.

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