Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spiritual atention Notices of God

Notices of God

1. Do not drink if you are driving, you're still not ready to see me. God.

2. Can you imagine the price of the air, if you bring another provider?   God.

3. What should I do to get your attention? Put a notice in the newspaper? God.

4. Earthlings do not treat me like a Martian.  God.

5. I thought to make a black and white world, so I said, maybe not.  God.

6. If you missed the dawn that I made for you today, no matter. I'll make another
 Tomorrow. God.

7. How can a man be self-sufficient? I clearly remember having created. God

8. If you think the Mona Lisa is amazing, you should see my masterpiece in your mirror. God.

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