Sunday, October 21, 2012

Letter about my memories

The reason I write moves as possible reader of this blog is to explain the reason for writing about my memories of some stages of my life.
Previously remember doing it when I wrote "Manuel Candamo 727".
It was a time before the appearance these  blogs.
First I should clarify that I am not interested in becoming part of my life to know because I think it is not important or relevant, but rather my interest is to get to the past, the mind will move you to those times.
If we are contemporaries, because that will help you remember and enjoy traditional events we've both lived.
That is, using as a pretext or context part of my life to tell anecdotal situations such as short stories or funny strange an event that occurred.
While the context of the traditions we are told is located in Lima Peru, I'm sure it can occur elsewhere geographical variants of the case, because the traditional events are generalized for times everywhere
I'm sure that reading the memories, you  also bring back  to mind your precious memories of past experiences.
For younger people it's probably like watching an old movie in black and white.

With affection,

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