Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poem: The grumpy old lady

The grumpy old lady

What are sisters? What do they think when they look?
A crabby old woman, not too clever, uncertain of habit, with dreamy eyes fixed in the distance.
The old spitting food and no answer when trying to convince her: Give make a little effort.
 The old lady, who you think you do not realize the things you do, and continually lost glove or shoe.
The old woman against her will, but meekly allowed to do what they want, that bathe and feed, so they just pass the long day.
Is this what you think? Is this what you see?

If so, open your eyes, because what you see is not me.

I'll tell you who I am, when I sit here and so quiet, as you ordered me.

I'm a little girl of ten years with his father and mother, brothers and sisters who love each other.
I am a girl of sixteen with wings on her feet, dreaming that soon found his beloved.
I'm a bride at twenty, my heart bounces, when I make the promise that binds me to the end of my life.
Now I have twenty-five, I have my children, who need to guide them, I have a safe and happy home.
I'm thirty women, children grow fast, we are united by ties that should last forever.

When I turn forty, my kids grew up and they are not home, but to me that my husband is concerned that I am not sad.

At fifty, on my knees again babies play again know children and my loved ones

On my dark clouds looming, my husband is dead, when I see the future I fear urchin.

My children turn, have their own children, I think of all the years passed and I met the love.

Now I'm an old, nature is cruel
Old age is a joke that turns human beings into an alienated.

The body withers, attractiveness and strength disappear, where I once had the heart is a stone now.
However, within these old ruins, still lives a girl.
My weary heart occasionally batter feelings known yet.
I remember the happy days and sad.
In my thoughts back to love and relive the past. I think of all the years that passed were too few and too fast, and accept the inevitable fact that nothing can last forever.

So people open their eyes and see.
Before you is an old cranky, before you: I AM.

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