Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poem :Depression a silent evil

Poem :Depression  a silent evil

Walk like blind men,
fighting against the wind,
as if from the world,
to arrive at an unknown location
to meet with silence,
long bearing,
that has run deep in their hearts.

Their voices trembling with fear as,
and his sad eyes,
that are lost on the trails,
and loneliness in their pockets as a faithful companion,
lost his steps slow and are unable
running behind the illusion that they have lost,
if not, are weak-minded,
that lead to a dark world
where every day is like an abyss,
that takes a walk like blind men,
feeling pain as hammering,
anxiety, and confusion,
between the dark corners and a purple sun,
is not able to guide
clarity to where they belong.

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