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Memories: Manuel Candamo 727

My memories: "Manuel Candamo No 727

By: Ruben Vernal

The  story of this historic space occurred in 1958 and 1959 and the geographical place in the populous district of Lince  of Lima. Peru . The street name is the name of an ancient dance, and also a famous character. Here I lived most of my childhood and where focus events I will narrate.
 But let's start with my memories filling the surrounding streets, like a beautiful flower that opens to the impact of sunlight, and I from the distance and time, way back in imagination through the dusty sidewalks of the streets.
 It was a typical hot days of summer  in Lima, enjoyed a tip and raspadillas (ice blocks) Pasteurina (sof drinks) . That summer did go due school   holiday  to enjoy  a vacation  at Chancay Sea Port, and the beach  in the house that rented for almost three months.
 I distinctly remember two of them, one located in the Plaza de Armas of Chancay, neighbor to a typical hotel front to the park.
The park of the square had big trees, a gazebo where bands of music offered cheerful place at night. I remember hearing a radio football match when Peru participated in a South American. Cup With a great team.

   The square was surrounded by a fully paved runway but not   as cobblestones, and I remember this well, because one day another child pushed me from the back of a truck where we were playing, and falling
 One of the stones caused me three painful stitches in my  head. My mum in one side of the bed and my dear aunt in the other hold my hands with love.
 The benches of the square was to sit at night where someone was always telling stories of terror, and then go to bed, which was supposed to sleep, but I was scared that one, it had eyes like flashlights.
 Other days there was nothing to do, I boarded a bus that made the route Chancay-Huaral and where my friend was a collector and I  not spent money  traveling.
 The other house was a block from the main street where there was a  cinema movie, and one night I was taken to see a Mexican version of Dracula, and my mother had to cover my eyes often not to see certain scenes, because by  the fear was probably not to sleep one week

But now I was in my neighborhood, sitting on a bench in the square opposite the Church, three blocks from the house and moving to the side track to a hairdresser who had a special clipper shave your "mitra  (head) to "German style" that was fashionable at that time, and came to the corner of Military Avenue Independence was the  cinema name ;  Which was often went there.
And remember  watch   The Tarantula film in black and white and also the French comedian Fernandel. Returning to the square, the Catholic  Church had a parochial school where I taught the "catechism" than never participate, whereas if he went to movie roles where they passed the "serial" Cisco Kid.
 It also had air cinema with films of Laurel and Hardy. Before you reach a corner towards the church had a little store that sold among other things the "shampoo" that  was hot drink   serve  in a glass, and contained corn,  guanabana fruit, and ossicles or dried peaches,  wish was a delicious drink for cold winter .
And continuing progress toward the house went through a health unit, which was where do donations came the milk powder, then crossing the track was a building with a bank branch, which   was the  Wisse Bank Agency,  and  also primary   school  next to the corner of Avenue  Jose Galvez, with its adobe walls painted white. In front across the track had a "general store" that their owners could see that they were somewhere in the "Saw" and is facing the curb of my house. So there bought more often than in the other tent that was ahead on the other corner and that was the "Chinese nan " and had sweets and drinks . The other corner across the track was occupied by a pharmacy.
Leaving my house walking  and passing the shop is around the corner and reached the "cinema Alianza"(name of my football team)  with its bars front and on the right side were the stairs leading to the "audience" that has timber seats sitting in a wooden bench and entry cost 50 cents,  was  called  "platea " as a kind of balcony but only down  had  a  row  of bench  seats still cost 25 cents and the entrance.
Mexican cinema was at its peak with artists such as Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Miguel Aceves Mejia, Sara Garcia, Rosita Quintana, Andres Soler, Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", Abel Salazar, Arturo de Cordova, Ana Luisa Peluffo, "Springs" Liberty's check that was Argentina, and many others classic movies "catchascán" with the silver  masked, or those of the mummy horror and zombies. Films "Cantinflas", as there is the detail; seesaw, Mr. Photographer, if I was deputy; films "convoyed" of cowboys and Indians Sioux and che yen, and these fights against soldiers and attacked the fort and caravans, but as always won the "whites men’s ". I could not miss the movie space ship traveling to Mars, and were monsters, and ships starry, which I thought were also reservoirs of water that was in the city. Withe film of  the three  Musketeers, left the theater in a hurry to make me stick my sword any musketeer.
But the film was sold out all kinds of things and was also eating such a women who sold the "fritanguita" which had a "beef" medium rare, with potatoes and hominy and selling it using a foil wrap corn , also stuffed potatoes sold "unfilled", was the long trolley with two wheels pulling instead of pushing and I had red candy apples, peanuts and dry beans, slices of pineapple and coconut, loquats, arrocillo (sweet rice) and fruits. The inevitable "raspadillero with red and yellow syrup, which was also sold" cotton "pink.  Caramel .
Also there was a character, to my unforgettable. It was a "Sambo" a men  tall and thin, and I'm sure that their ancestors were brought from some part of Africa, and sold the sweet Lima known as "sanguito". He wore the kind of sweet on a brass rectangular source, and it looked sweet as a "hill of Serbia with a wooden spatula species, though not surprise me if it was a single piece of wood. The source was leaning on a wooden tripod tied at both ends, and covered it with a tablecloth to protect it from dust and flies. But not only sold zambo sweet, but it was also a great player with the dice, so you could buy or try your luck, and dirunning down the center of the tray, and when it was time to retire, withdraw the tripod folding his legs, and he put a pillow over his head to place the source above the sweet holding it with one hand and then leave....

At Gálvez avenue  after the movies were even a fifth or corrals with "one pipe" at the bottom, but a characteristic of that humble people was catholic  his religion, and was a custom or tradition to decorate the entire alley with calls "chains" paper that they made with "comet" of different colors using the "glue" cone glue. And when you stood at the entrance could be seen that both ceilings hung like a bridge chains and multicolored flags that conveyed an atmosphere of  a festival, and the wind helped produce a peculiar sound as it passes through the chains.
Thus, the yard was ready to celebrate the worship of the Virgin Mary in procession through the streets, which had also been decorated for the occasion.

But now back to the stable seven, he spent two more houses and general store and found the adobe house (appropriate material to withstand tremors time) painted gray with the number 727, the house had high ceilings and room had a wood and glass partition that allowed light and air, and I remember once on the screen appeared a girl started talking to me from the ceiling, and asked what it was called, and she replied, my name is Luz, and never I saw her again. At the back of the house had a yard, instead of my playground, and a staircase leading to a room where the water tank and the side facing the ceiling were the cages of my loft, but someone told me that after feeding them for a while they could drop as they return, and I did and so will end my experience with pigeons that never returned.
 Since we are on the roof of the house, let me say that cinema  Allianza be reached from there and especially the two large open wooden windows giving vent into the film. Well, if you wanted to see the show, as they had to get to these windows, and so he did, so they had to walk over the dividing walls of adobe houses of the neighbors, a path of no more than 40 centimeters wide and dusk, and had to be very careful, because if you took a bad step and lost his balance, no way you could tell the adventure.

Outside tireless boys were playing football in the road that was the official court of the district, although the cars crossed irresponsibly and brazenly claimed that we were to move the stones that marked the arches of our court.
The official ball was a "rag ball", which is made with fabrics and rags as a base and then wrap with nylon stockings for women, over and over again until it could rebound hardness and necessary. The games were frequently interrupted by the "heavy" cars and the "patutos"(police car patrol)  that black troopers were Ford, and interrupted the game with his presence to balance your car in our court, and the match was suspended due to lack players, as if by magic disappears site.
And what was all that was left? The rag ball, the "tombos" (policeman) grabbed and threw to a roof, but if it was a real them take it ", the party continued its passage upon regaining rag ball from a neighbor's roof.

In those neighborhoods had kids gangs according to the stables in which he lived, clearly not at all like gangs  like  film West Side Story because at that age was not known to dance, but if one was distracted and not he realized that he was walking down a street "them", you could drop a stone as "advance" and the other later to suggest that you start running really fast  if you appreciate your health, and I  can say from experience, realizing that being surrounded by these "pretty boys" was not at all pleasant. But I was able to escape thanks to my speed, and I could get home flaunting a pair of "chinchones (headache) on the head" and not just as a reward for my bravery.

When he was not playing ball that was very strange , I was on my steel skates brand "Winchester" I learned to use them and skate with both feet after falling to the ground many times and hitting thus appeared at that time suffered from a kind of "child masochism"
But with "handle" was learned, and the neighborhood kids had prepared a kind car was a table of about 60 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide  use as  [i]seat, and the four sides they had adapted four wheels of bulbs, so that one of us would sit or kneel on the table, and two other boys pushed the car to "fly" at high speed on the sidewalk, and as it did not have brakes, the only way to stop it was to leave of the footpath  in any way possible, and get to land with its own "against the ground  suelazo".

I remember the neighbor's house listening to the Sonora Matancera from Cuba. While home novels noon as the right to be born and trade "Ace and I resting washing" Creole music programs with Luis Abanto  Morals, Jesus Vasquez, Embajadores Criollos, Los trovadores  del Peru, el carreta "Perez, Irma and Oswaldo, the trio's Davalos, the Quipos, the polka and the waltz Chinese Huaca idol, Alicia Maguiña and Chabuca Granda among others.
The broadcasts of football classic Peruvian Allianza against -U, and my radio serial with Hapalong Cassidy West, you had to enjoy the radio because the TV had not yet  arrived home. But had my friend Toby, who lived just a few houses from mine  and he I had a Philips brand TV in black and white where I was because the front was also seen but charged.
 It was the first time I saw. disneiylandia programs and cartoons, popeye, astroboy, lassy,
​​Rin Tin Tin, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, the Silver Masked with his horse and his partner
 Toro with his pinto horse, David Crockett, Wayapp Earp and more, a few years later appear Jungle Jim, The Rifleman, Maverick, Bonanza, Cheyenne, logbook, I love Lucy, Mike Mallone, the three Stooges and Father Knows Best ...

A block from the house was a carpentry where my brother Hugo was playing with a friend, and did so in a kind of warehouse which know his height, which I guess was not very low, and that the other boy pushed my brother who rushed to the floor suffering a concussion serious, emergency being treated by Dr.Esteban Roca , who by a twist of fate, he  also attended my 40 years later.
Then by the same sidewalk came to the last, best house in the neighborhood, because it was solid  house and had  nice gardens. Down the other side we got to the middle of the block, where a fifth, which always bounced our rag ball of your roof, but what he called the attention of the "callejon” and  was that there was a dog named "El Mocho" I was a medium dog, white, with a black spot chusco (mangrove) around his right eye, without an ear that had been lost in one of the many fights he had with other dogs and always emerged victorious and winner, and there was no dog that turned heads on the block, because they had to do with the butt, and not even "kennel" municipal he could take him for his bravery and hiding in the alley, in contrast to the two other dogs skilled workers wearing white overalls and did get cornered by a sleeve or bag round that gave him a ring shape and then were thrown into a compartment of the truck. And then were taken to the "kennel" that was a few blocks from the Institute of Health.

In those years the city looked so slowly trying to modernize traditional but obviously not in this part of town, and just seven blocks from the house went by tram-Chorrillos Lima and the other running along the center of Lima to La Punta in Callao were two major forms of transport that time.

They were likewise traditional parades of floats by San Martín Square to mark the carnivals. And what about when Lima was filled with euphoria to have their first and only Miss Universe Gladis Sender and that made walking around the Avenida Arequipa to receive the homage of the people, I remember another time that President Manuel Prado did same for this important and traditional avenue for those huge trees adorned with painted white bases, but in its branches Vivian enormous black worms with red head and at certain seasons they walked down the sidewalk.

Ah the childhood years that the only thing we felt was useful then to "kill time" playing, years of ingenuity, to play with the kite, the spin-game wooden stick, glass balls with three holes in land to come and go, the coca cola yoyo at that taste better than now, toy soldiers and plastic soldiers of the British troops that I bought the house in Larco  avenue at Miraflores  suburb , named Oeshle. They say that the past was better, I do not know, but of course if they are different and depends on each person to live them as best you can, and the memories are kind of balm, understanding that you should not live on memories because Life goes on and you have to participate in the events giving rise to present the "new memories".

There remained the neighborhood and I see Manuel Candamo away and an optical lens which he is closing the lens to disappear.


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