Monday, October 22, 2012

Actitude:Four Agreements

Four Agreements

1. Do not assume:
Do not give anything for granted.
If in doubt, clarify  If suspicious, ask.
Assume makes you invent incredible stories that not only are unfounded, but that poison your soul.

2. Honor thy words:
What comes out of your mouth is what you are. So if you do not honor your words, you are not honoring yourself, if you do not honor yourself, is that you do not love.
Honoring your word is to be consistent with what you think and what you do.
You are authentic and make you respectable to others and to yourself.

3. You always best:
If you always do your best, you will never regret recriminate or anything.

4. Do not take anything personal:
Not the worst offense, the worst disaster or even the severe wound.
To the extent that someone wants to hurt you, to that extent that someone is hurt him, and it is his problem and not yours.

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