Monday, October 22, 2012

Actitude: What matter the years

What matter the years

What how many years  do I have?

Who cares that?
I age I have  the age at which I can scream without fear what I think, what I want without fear of failure or the unknown, because I have the experience of years lived, and the strength of conviction of my desires.

What matter how many years do I have?
I do not want to think about it.
Well some say I am old, and others continued to swing.
But age is not that I have, or what people say, but what my heart feels and my brain and mind dictates.

I have the years required to shout what I think, to recognize my errors and rectify errors and successes roads and treasure.

Now they can not to say: You're too young, not make it or are too old, and you cannot.
I have the age when things look more calmly, but with the interest to continue growing
I have years when the dreams begin to caress with fingers and hope become illusions.
I have the years of love, sometimes it's a flare, and eager to be consumed in the fire of passion desired, and other is the haven of peace, as the sunset on the beach.

How many years do I have?
No need to dial a number, it made
​​my desires, my triumphs, the tears spill down the road to see my hopes dashed, are worth much more than that.
Who cares if I am fifty, sixty or more as what matters is how old you feel.
I have the years that I need to live free and without fear.
To follow the path without fear, as I carry with me the experience and strength of my desires.
How many years do I have?
That who cares. The years I have needed to lose the fear, and do what I want and feel. What matter the years that I have, or how many I hope?
Of course, over the years I have, I learned to love you need, and try to take only the good

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