Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jesus remain you: From his cross to you’re lonely

From my cross o you’re lonely

Through one of my children I write from my cross to the solitude of your soul.
To you that    sometimes looked without seeing me, and heard me without listening.
To you, that often promised follow me closely and not know why you leave my footprints in the world to not get lost.
To you, who do not always think I'm with you,  and also tries   find myself looking without,  get it  and often  you  that think I'm just a memory, and you fail to understand that I'm alive.
And do not forget that God is a God of the living people and not dead.
I am the beginning and the end, I am the way you to not get sidetracked and I am also the truth so that you no mistaken   and have eternal life to avoid dying.
My favorite subject is love that was my reason for living and dying.
I was free to the end, I had a perfect clear task and was defended you with my blood and I turned, and was dying on the cross for you so you can be saved from damnation.
In other words I died to save you.
I was Master and a Servant.
I am sensitive to friendship and while I expect you to give me yours.
Nobody knows your soul like me, your thoughts and your behavior, and  if your worth is good, whether for better or worse.
I also know that your life may seem poor in the eyes of the world, but I know I have a lot to give, if you come to me in repentance, because without me but nobody collects scatters.
If you knew how long I hit the door of your heart, and do not even get an answer to enter it.
I would not want to see you so proud and selfish, rebellious, non-conforming and so incredulous.
I wish for you a better life, and you know and you obey my word, which it makes you truly free. May you live a Christian life, so that if you honor God I also honor you.
Do not tire of looking for me that I do not tire of finding you, and  I want you to be my son and friend.
Your Lord and friend, Jesus

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