Monday, October 15, 2012

Tale: My first cry

My first cry: By: Javier Vega

First there was noise, followed by a deep peace and then I exist.
In the first few weeks I was getting, I guess personality.
A huge energy enveloped me and grew until the day I started to differentiate sounds.

 Harmonious vibrations discovered and learned that this harmony of sounds is called voice and this has special effect on me, ne belongs .... To my amazement, my existence, until now, was only of my knowledge.

The realization of my presence in the world happened this morning when my mother (name for the person where I live) he communicated a deep voice so my mother feels respect and called "doctor".

The doctor confirmed after examination to be "mothering" and the child, that's me born in seven months.

Back home my mother walks slowly, think of me and is unhappy with my sudden appearance in her life.
 His whole being tells me that something's concerned, at times, your heart beats so fast I'm afraid dismember apart.
 I want to stay, it is warm and safe in here ...
My mother is nervous, she tends in a strange bed and smoke fills your lungs, your stomach expands and enters her womb, cutting off breathing.

Days pass and finally my mother make a decision. He must face
Tares a deep voice familiar to my ears.

  She speaks tells what the doctor has said "I'm pregnant," she says.

There is a moment of silence, then the voice refuses to accept "we cannot think about this, we have so many debts to meet ...
My mother hates it and cries.

I stay very still for her to forget my existence.

Weeks pass and while the system is disturbed by my mother's anguish, I though, continued to grow.
One day heartbeat of my mother took me out of my stillness.
She's happy, I feel a touch on my mother's womb, and the deep voice called me "son"
. So I found out that I have mother and father, and for them I am not "the child", as for the doctor, but I am "son" ...
My father makes the anguish of my mother in peace. Why do not you quit? He asks and since then the smoke choked me ceases to penetrate my abode with the passing of time I am learning the outside world.
 Thanks to my mother walks learn to appreciate the fresh air, the birds chirping, the sound of the rain or wind.
Life is simplicity of sounds is endless sensations, magically intertwined to our delight.

My father says he will have a "son" and not a "daughter", I do not know what the difference is and its importance to demands, this confuses me and I fear disappoint.

Every day I grow more independent of the emotions of my mother but my affinity with my father increases.

Baste amuses me to hear his plans for me. He says he'll be a champion, a liberator or a great artist, a man well planted.

My mother has more immediate dreams, she prays to be born "normal", without any finger less and head to be an easy delivery.

The doctor has set the date of my birth and my mother is happy. The doctor has told him about the pain should start going to the hospital. Do not know anything that I do not want to cause any suffering ...

My space is tight, try to move as little as possible so as not to disturb ..., everyone is wondering what happens, not understanding.
 My parents fear my death ... Dr. affectionately comforts them, decide to trade the next day ... The surgeon's knife cut the flesh from the womb of my mother exposing her guts, I realize in a moment that I be removed from my home, and rabidly when light bounces piece in my eyes and my skin compressed air, no option launched my first cry.

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