Sunday, October 21, 2012

Padoxes Celebres

Padoxes Celebres

1. Paradox of feelings and logic: The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. (Pascal)
2. Paradox of blindness: What is essential is invisible to the eye. Only seen with the heart. The Little Prince)
3. Paradox of improvisation: The best improvisation is properly prepared.
4. Paradox of culture: Television is a source of culture; every time someone turns it on I leave the room. (Groucho Marx)

5. Paradox of aid: If you want someone to does a job soon ask Him to whom this busy, time without doing anything that will tell you that he has no time.

6. Paradox of money: He was so poor, so poor, and so poor that all he had was money.

7. Paradox of time: Go slowly that I have haste.

8. Paradox of technology: Technology brings us to the most remote and was the closest distance. (Michelle Norsa)

9. The paradox of meaning: Not arrive before that goes faster but who knows where it goes. (Seneca)

10. Paradox of Happiness: While we are objectively better than ever, we are deeply dissatisfied subjectively. (José Antonio Marina.

11. Paradox:  of wisdom who knows much listening, who knows little judgment.

12. Generosity Paradox: The more we give the more we receive.

13. Paradox of knowledge: Man seeks answers to find questions.

14. Paradox of humor: Laughter is a very serious thing. (Groucho Marx)

15. Paradox of the everyday: The smallest is the greatest.

16. Paradox of Silence: Silence is the strongest scream. (Shopenhainner}

17. Paradox expert: No worse than an expert to prevent progress in any field.

18. Paradox of richness: Not richest has the most but who needs the least.

19. Paradox of love: Who loves you will make you suffer.

20. Paradox of enjoyment: We suffer too from what little we lack, and enjoy some how much we have.

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