Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letter about my trips back

If you have drawn the attention of this blog of stories and narratives it seems appropriate to  give you a presentation.
Basically this is a work in order to distract and relax a bit during my breaks in the writing of the Great Commandment Bible in Spanish and English.
As for me writing is something "compulsive" and I cannot quit  and I decided to share with others with the intention of providing selfless some wholesome entertainment.
The blog contains the collection of aspects of personal attitude, tales, stories and memories, history, thoughts, poems and spiritual reflections.
As I continue translating from Spanish I will publish them on this Blog

As for my writings on the series called "My trips back" I tell you that I like the narrative fantasy mixed with history is my favorite subject.
I make a regular review of documents and books to accommodate my fantasy writings so we can go back to the past.
 I have found my style of writing because I had a really good time writing these stories, because I not only learned, but I just laughed, and gave vent to my creativity and imagination.
I do not know if people liked what I write I have questions that have some quality like story or narrative, although I doubt it, to know other opinions.
But I think the writing is well structured, but I do not know if it has the ability to entertain which is my goal.
What it definitely has historical value, which I have not distorted, but do not know if this type of narration liked and be boring to those who have no history as available for reading material.

Remember that life does not have to take very seriously, because it ruins our fascination with simple things like this work for me still does not meet my expectations, but it helped me to have a good time, having been identified with the characters of the narrative I've created.
In this sense I feel happy and expectant.

 picked up an interesting comment that one of the greatest pleasures of the mind is reading.
 But although in theory say it is, reading remains one of the least practiced activities.
 It is correct to state that even though we know we are functionally illiterate literate.
It is believed that at least 80% of the people who know 'read and write' almost never read anything.
There are people that when a newspaper takes just read the horoscope, some of the cover or the sports page.
 However, the productive activity of spirit through reading is perhaps one of the most extraordinary tools to enhance our intellectual labor and human welfare.
Not all are good readers and communicators, but we should strive to be. Because I also believe that it is a great tool that would help us to know better and ignore the isolation in which we live today, but we have a great communication technology in the recent past, nor had the idea that it might be possible.
I should add that I am someone who strives to try to be a social communicator in some cases bringing you water your soul requires for times of refreshing, in others, as in the case of my stories just to give you moments of relaxation.
With affection,

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